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Zoom events uploaded to YouTube

I was interested in the ‘Summer drinking in style’ zoom events but these were sold out. The description in the Events Callander says that these will also be streamed/uploaded in the Virtual Events playlist on YouTude but I can’t find any of the previous events. Could somebody let me know if they are there. Thanks

Len - Sorry for the confusion and incorrect information on the website. There is a gremlin in the system that causes the events to be shown as sold out on some of the site’s pages but you can in fact register and we would love to have you join us for the remaining events. Just ignore the out of stock message and click through to the event pages and you will be able to register.

With regards to YouTube, whilst we add all of the winemaker events and buyer masterclasses to our channel, we are not adding the tasting events when members have the option of having their cameras on. The reason for this is we want members to feel comfortable in appearing on screen asking questions and giving their thoughts on the wine.

We do however keep recordings of the sessions which we can send to any members who are unable to attend the session live.

Just send an email to tastings@thewinesociety.com and we will send you the ones you’ve missed.


Registered OK, thanks

Thanks for clarifying. I got pretty frustrated at not being able to find these sessions on You Tube. The timing of the live events is not too convenient for me. I’ll be applying for the recordings now.