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Zero alcohol wines

Hi all and especially Pierre Mansour,

I’ve found zero alcohol wines to be nearly all undrinkable :frowning:

Can I recommend three notable exceptions?

Leitz Eins Zwie Zero Riesling (Majestic and Waitrose)

Leitz Cabernet Sauvignon (Majestic)

Fre Red Blend (Waitrose)

They take a little getting used to but they’re so much better than their competitors.

Great for those alcohol-free days you force on yourself!!

Happy drinking /Jno


I have some of Leitz non alcoholic sparkling wine which I’ll have to try soon and report back.


My review last year. Sorry, I guess tastes differ significantly between people! :grimacing: or maybe I was in a bad mood :woman_shrugging:[quote=“JayKay, post:14, topic:8738”]
In case anyone is tempted by German producer Leitz’s Eins Zwei Frei which is available at Waitrose I speak from experience when I say it is the most awful alcohol free anything I have ever tasted. Absolutely bloody terrible.


We tried some this year and yes, we agree it is nearly all undrinkable. With one exception:

SinZero Brut from Chile. https://www.drinksandco.co.uk/region-maipo-valley-wine/sinzero-spumante-brut

It not quite champagne but it is actually much better than a lot of french/german/spanish/italian fizz we’ve had over the years. Needs to be served from the fridge but honestly I think I could serve it to guests as a proseco and no one would know a thing.
Also tastes very nice with a bit of Cassis if you want a Kir Royal Light…


Agree about the Leitz ones. If tried both the still and the sparkling whites and they have genuine Riesling aroma, flavour and mouthfeel.

Luckily (for me), I really liked the only such non-cordial option from TWS. Definitely not just another sparkling grape juice. Also seems popular based on member reviews.


Welcome, @JnoB! Thank you for these suggestions - I’m currently on the lookout for good examples while I’m not drinking, and I’ve struggled to find many good options so far. I’ll give the Leitz Riesling a try - sounds like it could be a nice summer drink!

Thank you! I haven’t tried this yet either… £4.50 is very reasonable too!

My only other recommendation for alcohol-free stuff is M&S’s alcohol-free G&Ts in a can (which tasted so realistic I had to double check the label…) and alcohol-free fruit ciders. Not my usual style but the Rekorderlig ones are quite quaffable, albeit on the sweet side.


Yes. I did a LOT of different testing for booze free GnTs recently and this was by far the nicest (I’d go further and say it was the only drinkable one). Mostly I am just back to a dash of bitters in some sparkling water has less alcohol that a glass of fruit juice for the (upsettingly regular!) booze free nights.

Gosh @JnoB you newly join the Community and I post a howler in response to quite possibly your first contribution. So sorry! I am not very keen on alcohol free wines but still :grimacing::roll_eyes:

If you like alcohol free beer there is one on TWS website that is highly rated by many here. I have tried and found it ok too.

Our favourite at the moment is Nanny State by Brewdog.

Back to wine, this is highly rated

We tried the rose version on holiday which we got in a supermarche. It was just about ok for one glass then we got bored. I think the white, which we have not yet tried, may be better - especially with a little black currant cordial to make a virgin Kir Royale perhaps.


I prefer their Punk AF to the Nanny State, but then also the Mikkeller to either. Like @JayKay, I did not really rate the Leitz Eins Zwei Zero. Tastes seem to vary in alcohol free as much as (if not more than) in alcoholic so might be the thing for others.


Alcohol-free beer has come a long way in the decade or so since my partner was pregnant with our youngest. Having tasted the offerings then, drinking an AF ‘beer’ ten years ago was a more an ordeal than a pleasure.

Now there are some pretty decent AF choices - Nanny State, Punk AF, a Brooklyn Lager one, Admans Ghost Ship, Doom Bar, Erdinger…

I did dry January this year for the first (and hopefully last😊) time, and while I found it utterly tedious, the decent AF beers made it bearable.

I haven’t tasted AF wine and am not really tempted to to be honest.


I didn’t get on with the Brewdog Nanny State - maybe it was a bad batch (I tried three cans) but the taste didn’t work for me. I’ve found Becks Blue to be good and Erdinger (sp?) does a good alcohol free beer.

I have looked at Seedlip a few times but baulk at paying the price for it. I am guessing they don’t have to pay tax like alcoholic gin would so it seems expensive to me.


We have tried a lot of the alcohol beers in recent months, the winner, so far , is Beaver Town Lazer Crush, available in larger Sainsbury’s amongst other places. Really tasty drop.


I love Beavertown but hadn’t seen their AF version. Will definitely give it a try👍


This was the best I drank whilst pregnant, not very often but now and then. I’ve found heiniken 00 recently to be tolerable too.

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I quite like the Bitburger Drive as a no alcohol lager, also a second vote for the Beavertown as an IPA.

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We’ve tried quite a few low or no-alcohol wines, beers and ‘spirits’ over the past couple of years – mostly while my partner was pregnant or breast-feeding but also to restrain the lockdown units. On the whole, I’ve found beers and ‘spirits’ to be much better than wine. We’ve been through the Pierre Zero (sold by Roberson) and Torres (r, w, p at Waitrose) ranges and found it a bit of a joyless plod. Reds marginally better than whites, but nothing I enjoyed.

I will second the Brooklyn beer as acceptable. The Mikkeller mentioned above is also ok, but IMO no better than that and quite expensive for what it is. Most others (Nanny State, Adnams, Erdinger, Peroni, San Miguel etc) were just about tolerable but not recommendable. It seems 1-1.5% is easier to make a decent beer than 0-0.5%. Here’s a recommendation in that bracket from a small brewery that some may not know:

The Green Light beer at 1.2% is happily drinkable, IMO.

For ‘spirits’ my two recommendations would be Pentire (if you like herby salinity) and Mother Root (ginger). Neither are cheap but I do think both are genuinely enjoyable in their own right (with mixers), which is more than can be said for any AF wine I’ve had.


If I’m allowed to comment on a non-alcoholic beer, I have a rack in my cellar devoted to the excellent Becks Blue. I’m drinking a couple of bottles most days and it helps get me through Mondays and Thursdays, my two dry days in the week. Becks Blue is made to Becks’ normal standard and follows that centuries-old German beer law: the only permitted ingredients are water, malt, hops and yeast. You can just about believe you’re drinking the real thing. Much nicer than similar non-alcoholic lagers although the IPAs such as Nanny State make a nice change now and again.

Becks Blue has an interesting feature, pointed out by a young relative of mine and confirmed by a couple of fellow pubgoers. They say it has a definite aroma of “weed”. That’s what they now call that stuff you tried smoking years ago…but never inhaled.


Must try Becks Blue again when we are on an AF period. My memory of Becks, both normal and AF, is that it has a slight bitter finish to it that I didn’t quite enjoy - but like the idea of its purity. We have enjoyed Spanish AF lagers when on holiday there, lots sold on tap and very refreshing. Maybe the weather is part of the experience and enjoyment :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve always quite liked that slight bitterness in Becks, which tended to be my go to in that category of beer and I found their low/zero alcohols quite good too. Must admit though that I rarely drink beer these days.

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