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Zarcillo wines - back in stock


Hi all,

Just noticed with the new list that we now have all 3 Zarcillo wines back - Pinot noir, Gewurztraminer and Riesling. A few years back when I was trying out different varietals I picked up a bottle of each as they are great value. I noticed that we didn’t have the previous vintage stocked of the Gewurztraminer or Riesling but it looks like they are back and are still great value. I think they also do a Malbec but happy to see these back in stock, will be adding one of each to the basket :slight_smile:

Anyone else had these before?



Yes and I love them all. You are right, they are insanely good value for the quality. Definitely some of my “go to” value wines! Great to see them back in stock.


Totally agree, I go back some way with these. The Riesling is probably my most frequently ordered individual wine, but I’ve had both the Pinot and Gewurtztraminer and enjoyed them both. Great bang for bucks.