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Your worst wine buy


Mistakes, I’ve made a few… but this was the worst:

For some reason I bought a case in 2011, doubtless influenced by these comments.

Now just poured half of my eighth bottle down the sink - too alcoholic (15%), too one-dimensional (supposed to be mainly syrah but all I can taste is grenache), basically too boring, too dull. Think I’ll leave the last four bottles in my will.


to some family member you do not like? :wink:


Bad luck!

To my taste, quite a few Grenache blends made on the “big is beautiful” principle can disappear into a hole - maybe that’s what’s happened here?

I’m tempted to add that something scoring 95 points from a Wine Advocate reviewer is always going to blow your head off anyway, but it does sound like something else is going on.


Could have been worse…


How did they pull off a name like that…


Fore (skin) sight, clearly! :grimacing:


Or lack of it…


Selling more bottles with names like this? It’s a bit of a stretch…


A limp idea, if you ask me! :flushed:


I wouldn’t give it a second glans.


Interesting gravitational effects around Sutton Coldfield if the level of wine in the glass is any indication!


Back in student days, a group of us stayed at a Youth Hostel in Florence. Money being tight, but wanting to sample something a bit local and hopefully not too bad, we bought the cheapest bottle of Chianti we found in the grocer. We sat down to drink it in the evening, but before we were half way down started feeling unmistakably hung-over - head-ache, dry mouth, the lot. Putting it down to tiredness and not wanting to throw away wine, we put a cork in and tried again the next day, only to experience exactly the same symptoms. So that definitely counts as my worst wine buy - instant hangover wine. There don’t SEEM to have been any lasting ill effects…


Not quite sure if I should call this my worst wine buy, and I think I may have mentioned it previously on these hallowed pages, but strictly speaking it was a good buy just a terrible wine!

Anyway many years ago I was staying in a campsite in Grindelwald on a climbing trip to the Alps. Being Switzerland everything, and I mean everything, was massively expensive, so we would make ‘raids’ across the border into Italy for essentials such as wine (of course). So over there we were picking up wine by the litre in those laminated paper based cartons used for fruit juices for the princely sum of, as I recall, 20p per litre (over 20 years ago). It was possibly/probably the worst wine I have ever bought but we figured that once we’d got through the first litre it was starting to taste okay…


Many, many years ago, you used to be able to buy plonk in French supermarkets (and other establishments) in standard returnable litre bottles. They had a ring of stars around the lower neck.

On a student camping holiday with my girlfriend, we decided to try one of these things. To describe it as rough would be an understatement. But looking around, we saw our neighbours on the same site were diluting it with water. We tried it, and they were right - it did improve it.

It was only later we discovered you could improve things still further by leaving the wine out entirely.


I have some of the Puech Haut reds too. Also 15%, which I did not notice when I bought them. I am not sure I like them particularly, as a wine to drink with ordinary food, but two things: this is a wine that will last for a long time and, second, this wine is more like a tawny port, almost fortified, and probably better treated as such. It is hugely rich and would/will - I think - sit very nicely alongside a strong cheese etc, the better for keeping it a few years. I will be proved wrong.

Puech Haut make a very good rose by the way.



No horrible mistakes as I don’t buy more than a few bottles of anything, but maybe that old Steingarten (05 and 07, I think) I got when Tesco were flogging off their “fine wine” a decade or more ago.

I can see it’s good wine, but nothing can convince me that Oz Riesling is fun to drink (it’s either a slug over the head with the lime cordial or excessively austere). This is the latter, of course.

And no one else seems to like it either :frowning_face:


Ditto. I bought a 6 pack of 2006 Steingarten which seemed good value at the time at around a tenner per bottle. Four left which I can’t ever see me drinking - austere indeed!


Oh - sorry to hear that. I love them with 10+ years behind them. No arguing with taste though.