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Your Wine Discoveries

Sitting here watching the snow fall has made me reminisce about my own personal ‘wine discoveries’. These are wines that perhaps didn’t initially have much of a presence here in the UK (some still haven’t) when I stumbled upon them and somehow became ‘my wines’.
More satisfying was seeing my children grow up and do the same (one ‘discovered’ a small grower champagne, the other a very good red Duras) which will forever be ‘their wine’.

I wonder, on this chilly snowy morning, if other members have ‘their wines’ which they have discovered and still have a soft spot for?



Bought the rouge at the airport in Marseille 17 years ago and was converted there and then. And the rosé is not far behind.


Le Soula Cotes Catalanes Rouge


Evocative topic @AnaGramWords . I can think of a few possibilities but the one that “fits the bill” best is Cru Muscadet - particularly Clisson.

I’ve mentioned it elsewhere , so forgive the repetition - stayed by accident in Clisson in our motorhome en route elsewhere in France, about 12 years ago. Visited Restaurant de la Vallee as couldn’t be bothered to cook. Glorious location at the foot of the castle, overlooking the river. We had a great meal and tried an aged Clisson on recommendation of the patron.

I was (still am) more of a red wine drinker but this was a revelation - more like an aged Chablis than a Muscadet.

It came from Domaine de l’Épinay www.domainedelepinay.com . Great wine and absolutely fantastic people.

I have since explored the area more and it remains a mystery to me why the Muscadet Cru Communaux are not better known.


Am interesting topic @AnaGramWords

I’ve had had quite a good think but I’ve not been serious (or sensible?) enough about my wine buying to develop particular ‘favourites’ that I regularly buy… yet.

I can see this potentially happening, but it will take a bit more discipline and conscious purchasing habits than I currently exhibit.

What wines were occupying your thoughts in particular?


We had the rouge in a bistro in Toulon some years ago, then found it in the airport on the way home

Still have that bottle stored, ready to go!!

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I discovered a Spanish Winery based in Riberia Sacra: Daterra Viticultores, owned by a redoubtable lady named Laura Lorenzo. Her reds are fascinating, made from grapes such as Mouraton, Garnacha Tintorera, Mencia, Marenzao and Gran Negro. Alas I cannot get hold of any of her whites in the UK.


Vermentino di Gallura. What a smashing white wine! :heartpulse:

Discovered it six years ago holidaying in Sardinia’s Costa Smeralda. The joy of drinking it, with its thrilling citrus, herbal and mineral notes, will always bring to mind the beautiful La Maddalena archipelago, and the Island of Caprera (home of Garibaldi) :relieved:

A stunning wine befitting a stunning location, though not easy to find in the UK, unfortunately.