Your ultimate spring recipes (and wine matches!)

Hi everyone!

So a combination of this ‘Season’s Eatings’ piece on Wine World & News:

plus the revelation that was @danchaq’s muscat and asparagus suggestion (which really did ‘sing’ as promised!) has got me on the hunt for more beautifully seasonal spring recipes - particularly those with a gorgeous tried-and-tested wine match! I’d like to do some experimenting.

Any suggestions? :smiley:


I’m going to try my hand at some home-fermented food!

I’ve borrowed a Kilner jar and have plans to try the Indian spiced carrot kraut

Not sure about wine match until I taste it and decide how I’m going to eat it (they suggest breakfast … not sure about that myself but could be fun)


OOH! :heart_eyes: Do let me know how it goes. I made my first ‘pickling’ attempt at Christmas and did these smoked mackerel and pickled shallot toasts, and they were A-MA-ZING. Must make some more, actually…

Hoping to see some more spring recipe and wine matching here soon - we’re running out of spring! :smile:


OMG… @robert_mcintosh pickled carrots sound wonderful as does your mackerel and shallot toasts @laura. I really really love pickled food, always have done since I visited Germany at 14 on a school “language trip” and discovered sauerkraut. It wasn’t that popular in Ireland at the time. As for Kimichi, I wish I could find more of it in the North East , its playing hide and seek with me. Maybe I should make my own…?
I’d love to know how the carrots turn out and I’m pretty sure you can send fermented “stuff” in the post … just saying…:joy::+1:

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I’m following the recipe in the link so feel free to do the same and we can compare notes

Make your own Kimchi

I’ve used the recipe a few times. I add more chili than they call for, which I got at a local Korean store but bet you could source from Amazon if need be.


I’m a chilli fiend so fabulous!! Thank you so much !! I’m making this :wink:

I love your pickles recipes, will attempt kimchi soon. For now I made a quick courgette and red onion pickle and hoping it will make it to dinner.


This looks just yum! :ok_hand: or perhaps it’s my Eastern European part drooling at anything pickled!!

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It is beyond Eastern European now A’s smoked garlic made an appearance.