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Your ultimate lasagne wine match?



This might sound like a simple question, but I’m hoping it’ll work in my favour and I’ll get lots of really great matches…

I’m serving lasagne to my friends tonight, and I’d normally just grab a bottle of any Italian red to serve with it, but I want to know which wine you’d specifically choose as your ultimate lasagne match, Italian or otherwise! :smiley:

My friend is Portuguese so extra points if you have a Portuguese wine match because she’d just love that.

Thanks for any suggestions!


I’ll go super simple and suggest the Society’s chilean merlot. Always worked for me!

But I’m sure there are loads of Portuguese wines that will fit the bill, too!


I found the Society’s Valpolicella Ripasso a great match:

but also the Society’s French Syrah:

I also think wines from Languedoc-Roussillon work really well with Lasagne (meat or veggie).

My go-to ‘house’ Portuguese red, however is from Majestic:


A fantastic red and excellent value for money. This last Sunday I also had a Portuguese red from M&S this time, which was utterly delicious, and I can imagine will work well with a meaty lasagne:

Strangely, I am yet to buy a Portuguese red from TWS! This must change… :thinking:


Actually, not quite true! I recently purchased this gorgeous gem (I bought it a couple times from a local merchant, but was really pleased to see TWS stock it, so grabbed one!):



I’d want a high acid red,ideally a Chianti Rufina Salvapiana Bucerchiale 1990. Well you said specific!


Definitely this for me.

Have loved the last couple of vintages of this wine and it’s done a great job with lasagne for me on a number of occasions. Nadia Curto is a fantastic winemaker and her wines always seem to hit the spot for me. I’ve found this barbera works especially well because the acidity is high which, as @jimagar says, is what you want with something like lasagne. It’s also full of lively, juicy fruit that’s dark enough to stand up to richer versions of the genre.


Not a TWS wine but this is a cracking wine with Lasagne/Italian based dishes and my absolute go to for a smooth, full bodied Italian red . It’s 10% Merlot and 90% Sangiovese and grown just outside Montalcino :+1:


I would go for either a Sangiovese based wine like Chianti, or a Barbera, both for the acidity and maybe a little bit of tannin in the former /(but not too much). Don’t know a lot about Portuguese reds but I suspect there would be some decent matches there too.


Thanks so much, everyone! I’m completely torn by your suggestions haha :see_no_evil:

I might go for a bottle each of the Valpolicella and a bottle of the Barbera and we can give a glass of each a try! :grin: And

I’ve noted that M&S Portuguese so I can have a bottle handy next time she visits, @Inbar

This looks gorgeous too! Can you remember where you got it?! :smiley:


I purchased direct from Enotria so anywhere who stocks their wines should either have it or be able to source it for you :wink:.
As per usual, Great western have it :rofl:


If you want something with acidity and tannin then I’d go for something like this

Aglianico is great with hearty Italian food.



TWS has three excellent wines from Domaine Crasto on the Douro, priced between £9.75 and £22.50. They are field blends of up to 45 local varieties.

Any would not only make a great match, would delight your friend with your perspicacity, but also support TWS. :grin:

This is the middle one


Lasagna calls for Sangiovese, the high acidity and rustic flavor profile of a Rosso di Montalcino cuts through the creaminess of the lasagna providing a nice balance.

This one will do the trick quite well (great producer), without stretching the wallet too much:


So we tried the Valpolicella and the Barbera recommended above:

Valpolicella: perfect! Lovely match, the richness was so lovely alongside the hearty meal. Would definitely do again!

Barbera: Unfortunately it had a bit of strange secondary fermentation…! :frowning: So not really a fair fight, although there were still lovely elements of high acidity so I think it would have been a good match!

Thanks to your suggestions we’ve already scheduled a Portuguese wine night for a few weeks’ time so I can’t wait to show her your recommendations! :smiley:


Anything from Quinta do Crasto with Touriga National as lead grape gets my vote, including Sainsbury’s TTD Douro.

Also Esporao


A great Portuguese red from TWS is Almeida Garret Entre Serras Beira Interior. Fresh with red cherry and raspberry acidity, with a bit of peppery finish. It would go well with a lasagna. My other choice is Susumaniello Salento Rosso Vallone. This has a bit of herbaceous tones combined with fresh fruit. It comes from Puglia.


How about a zinfandel


Indeed! I’m ready for one now :slight_smile:


Thanks for the suggestion, I’ve not tried that one

But I have enjoyed that one.

My suggestion of Domaine Crasto was influenced by my most enjoyable visit to the winery and vineyard in September 2018 and my delight in finding three of their wines on TWS list…


Yes Quinta do Crasto is a great choice. A treat!