Your TWS Companions

Being a relative newbie here, this forum seems to be missing the obligatory thread on your “more legged” companions. Be they dogs, cats, spiders, hamsters, mice etc etc etc they do bring pleasure whilst having a glass.

So i’ll start

Here’s Ember (striking resemblance to Dobby from Harry Potter! Excuse the slightly gooby eyes)

Here’s Molly, her older half sister, who cant go anywhere without carrying an old sock with her!

And this is a pair of bookends! Always in place when we prepare food!

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Big lover & admirer of pooches though I am, we’re feline folk.

These are our 2 Bengals, both taken in from breeders who no longer had a use for them [rather than bought at stupid money as kittens]. I don’t like the breeding business at all FWIW. I’m not one for pedigree pets really either, but we made an exception here.

For anyone who may not know Bengals, they are as good as it gets with cats, I think. Surprisingly dog-like in their habits, they are characterful, bonkers, loyal-to-the-family & gorgeous. Very interactive, and wanting to be in on the human action all the time. But also happy to do their own thing and not too clingy.

Their downside [for some folk; not for us] is that they can be hyper - we’ll have a frantic 5 minutes 3 or 4 times a day with manic racing about the place for no apparent reason - and they can on occasion be quite aggressive with other cats. And with each other - our male ended up living with one of my sisters in the end as they got a bit too feisty with each other one too many times. The female is half his size but she would never back down if he started trying to boss her - we love her for that - and it could get a bit lairy sometimes. We still see a lot of him though, and he comes running every time we visit. He’s incredibly friendly with their dog, another well-known characteristic of Bengals - not good with other cats, but hand-in-glove with dogs. And guess who’s in charge :~}

The female is getting on a bit now - coming on 16 - but still in good health, and still hunting rodents outside rain snow or ice. She’s an incredible hunter, and eats everything she catches [except shrews of course]. Fortunately she tends to leave the birds alone for some reason, but will gorge on flying insects for some reason best known to her.

We’ll no doubt get another Bengal/s when she shuffles on, and we’d like to get a younger one now to help with the transition - but I’ve no doubt she’d not be up for that one iota. Heavens we’ll miss her when she does shuffle on.


Ah ! But you are mistaken … here is the original thread …


I always know when our marketeers are short on ideas - just add a dog image! To add to the thread, two amazing rescue dogs, Stanley the Saluki and Scarlet the Deerhound Cross. Loving life and excellent at just chilling


Monty the Beagle…


This is Rikki, our 42Kg Belgian Rhodesian Ridgeback , she is also known as the walking stomach …loves a cuddle and doubles as a wine glass rest :joy::joy:.


This is Poppy the patterdale terrier. Loves Friday night fizz (ie. chewing the cork), having a scrap and falling asleep between myself and Mrs M🤣