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Your top wines of 2019

Is this a good or a bad noise…? :thinking:

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That is a good noise. It sounds right up my street!

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Ahh! Then you should definitely give it a go! :+1::grinning: I suspect it will not disappoint. It’s an amazing food wine too.

Red; Gevrey Chambertin VV Coeur du Roy Dugat-Py 1999, one of those very rare burgundies which keep us searching. It nearly bought tears to my eyes. Other bottles of this have been less convincing making me regret drinking them younger. Another one of those wines that I paid a lot of money for (£35?)when I couldn’t really afford it from the now defunct Eldridge Pope in Dorchester.
Sparkles; Dom Perignon 2002 a really good bottle of this, although I wonder if it is starting to go down the other side of the hill now. Still one more to go!
Fortified; Taylor 1966. Had this years ago when it was cheaper and was very underwhelmed. Now it is refined elegant but with no rush to drink it. Most of the 66s look so much better than the 63s now.
No whites stand out, I drink too few to venture an opinion.
Honourable mention; a 1995 Hermitage by Guigal (red) bought for about £30 was absolutely magnificent. But for the Gevrey it would be a clear winner.


Red: Chateau Palmer 1991 - a wedding present and birth year wine (also a surname wine!? if that counts for anything!). Absolutely gorgeous, silky leather and soft and subtle. I couldn’t detect the famous perfume, but I assume that’s due to the famously poor vintage. A rare opportunity to try such a prestigious wine and I’m glad to say it was fantastic.

White: Montlouis Francois Chidaine - Wonderful! Vouvray might be better known, but these wines were the highlight of our trip to the Loire.

Sparkling : Piper Heidsieck red label nv - fresh fruit and rich and creamy. A real discovery of Champagne away from the more crisp styles.

honorable mentions (cheating I know!) -
Grand Vin, Chateau Sainte-Eulalie 2016 - big beautiful southern red (I think the society may now stock it? far superior to the second wine)
Domaine Pierre Cros Vieilles Vignes 2018 - Cariginan at its best
balestard la tonnelle 2006


Two wines drunk in restaurants (always more memorable I think) but I’m not sure of all the details:

The first in Tel Aviv (in a tiny but great bar restaurant) was from Yaakov Oriyah’s Alpha Omega (orange wine) series - possibly Chenin based but I can’t remember; it was however remarkable and definition busting for Israeli wine.

The second drunk in an unexpectedly quiet courtyard in Venice was Vigneti Massi’s Derthona ‘Costa del Vento’ made from Timorasso; I don’t remember which vintage but it was at least 5 years old and showed how well Timorasso ages.

Wines which remind me of great meals in great places and which were equal to them - better than all the undrunk in reserves bottles I’ve bought in 2019 and causing me to rethink my entire approach to buying and drinking wine in 2020.


Was thinking as I read this thread earlier that it’s a bit early to choose, and tonight’s wine is a very strong contender for my white of the year - Envinate Benje Blanco 2017 - glorious combination of reisling-esque apple/pear/tartness and crunchy minerality, plus a sherry/jura thing going on, all in a really clean and precise way. Very special. Had I answered earlier I was going to say JJ Prum Graccher Himmelreich Kabinett 2012, although that was also my choice last year… Suertes del Marques Trenzado a contender too

Red of the year for me, I don’t exactly know what it was! A Niepoort duoro, that was the house wine in a restaurant in the duoro and just said Niepoort and the name of the restaurant on the bottle. Stunningly good though, complex and textured and more-ish. Honorary mentions for Jiminez-Landi Bajondillo, Thymiopolous Xynomavro and the Pataille Marsannay Rouge 2014


Business flight (Qatar air) out to Thailand early in the year - fantastic château batailley. Might have been 2010. Now I understand why the ‘experts’ rank this region so highly.

This was the starters plate. So wrong, but hey, you’ve got to make the most of things.


Top 3 are

2009 La Lagune drunk at Le Manoir for our 20th Wedding anniversary. I took it with me and paid the corkage, still quids in compared to buying something equivalent off the list! Just starting to drink really well and a beautiful night and occasion.

1985 Cheval Blanc at a Monday night BYO dinner at Hawksmoor. No, it wasn’t one that I brought with me. Got to pick the right people to go with and no you can’t have his phone number!! Stunning soft, complex wine.

2014 Caro, a joint venture between Nicolas Catena and Domaines Barons de Rothschild (Lafite) hence CaRo. An Argentinian Bordeaux blend and absolutely fantastic value for money. Not a cheap wine but the equivalent quality Bordeaux would cost 3 or 4 times more. I bought a case on release at about £30 and I am looking forward to seeing how it ages over the coming years.