Your Top 3 Under-£7 Wines?

We’ve been drinking Monastrell since my Spanish cousin, living in Alicante Province, surprised us with how good it was. We were pleased to find it on the WinsSoc list. Since then we’ve looked for special local grapes. We like the Zorzal Graciano too.

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Loved this wine. We bought a case and it went very quickly during the summer.

At the moment it is the society’s full French red and the society’s Spanish red i find best value and the Chardonnay for a white

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Glad to hear this as bought a few for the MIL…!! You know one of those who ‘only’ drinks Chardonnay… but not the french stuff :joy::joy::joy:

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I’m really surprised nobody has mentioned this already:

Such good value that my wine rack is never short of a bottle or two of this. Great if you like ripasso style wine, without being cloying - my go-to mid-week stress reliever.


Had to come back to this thread thanks to a wine I tried in a tasting yesterday:

For under £7 this is GORGEOUS. I’ve always quite liked verdelho but been continually uninspired by sauvignon, but together they work in perfect harmony here.

SUPER tropical, with lovely pineapple (and even, dare I suggest it, hints of banana?) adding juicy freshness to the peardrops, lime and almost floral-herby element to it. It was so mouth-fillingly juicy and fresh, and the promising nose really delivered in spades on the palate. A great find from Australia.

You’re right, @WineIsOneOfMy5aDay! This is one of the best wines under £7 I’ve encountered, can’t believe I forgot it. Really love the concentration - one of those wines that doesn’t need food, just a comfy armchair to sit and enjoy it. :relaxed:
Great shout!!


I can’t actually believe nobody has mentioned this!

Haha, sorry @seworby! I haven’t actually tried this yet though (I keep being told I must…) - what’s it like? Food friendly or better for sipping as an aperitif?

@laura It’s quite light and fruity, yet still dry. It’ll go with some food, or work as an aperitif. Just watch the sediment in the bottle!
This has to be one of the best still English wines I have ever had, and it’s probably the cheapest, too!

I might be wrong, but I think it only got in TWS line-up in November and hence not featured in this thread. I do remember tasting it and being impressed by the quality.

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I also tried the same winery’s Shiraz-Malbec and much preferred this Cabernet variant.

TWS Claret. Better than the 2015? I think so.

And whilst I’ve only drunk the previous vintage (good value imo) this one is worth a go

A new list has just been issued by TWS that fits this topic perfectly

I personally only had previous vintages of:

This was very nice for the price…

This was mentioned a few timesnon this forum and I alo tasted it and thought was superior to TWS’s English White.

Finally got around to ordering some of the Ortega. Very much looking forward to trying it!

I also decided to try some of the Society reds to get to know them better and was pleasantly surprised by this wine (and the price):


The Ortega is good, it’s not your run-of-the-mill acidic stuff that you often get at that price point, particularly with English wines. The Society’s Southern Spanish Red is also very good, we have had it several times before, but the label is absolutley appalling.


I’ve taken delivery of a couple bottles of the Ortega, or tried any yet … but thought if it’s half decent I’d be happy to support British wine makers at that price point when I’ve a gang of thirsty anything alcoholic guests over :+1:


Another vote for the 3C, Cariñena 2015 although the 2015 has just sold out, I have not tried the 2016 yet.

I also enjoyed the Almeida Garrett Entre Serras, Beira Interior 2015.
An interesting blend of touriga nacional, tinta roriz (aka tempranillo) grapes; nice fruit and supple tannin very nice for the price.


That Almeida has become a regular in my basket too, good stuff


I concur about the Aldi Exquisite Collection Clare Valley Reislng and Uco Valley Malbec. Would also add their EC Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc at £7.49 and their Cotes du Rhone Villages at £4.29. Still missing their late lamented Henri de Lorgeres Macon Villages RIP £4.99/6.99.

M&S Vin des Pays du Gers £5.50 a gorgeous fresh white.

Co-op Fairtrade Rose Moscato £4.49 sour cherry and cranberry fruit balance the sweetness of the Muscat and only 5.5%.

Co-op Les Jamelles Reserve Mouvedre £7.49 mellow, rounded savoury red.

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Aldi Cotes Rhone Villages, garish label , but outstanding value for t’ brass at just over 4 quid…

St Chinian, Domaine Raynier '16…I declare that I love St Chinian and that I have drunk better examples, they were all at least 30 % dearer…Terrific example of very smooth warming red with garrigue like herbal hints. Marvellous vfm…

Pelerin Chartreuse, de Mougeres… Extremely gluggable White, majoring on herbal and a touch of mineral highlights…terrific value

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Not forgetting the ever reliable and delicious Torres Vina Sol around £7 and Torres Esmeralda £9 but currently £7 in Waitrose’s 25% off offer. These are also very useful when holidaying in Spain as they are available everywhere including half bottles.