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Your Top 3 Under-£7 Wines?


So, I know recent chats about Duty/VAT etc has highlighted how it’s worth spending more per bottle, but I think it’s daft to almost abandon under-£7 wines when there’s often delicious everyday drinking to be found, and in some cases astronomical value for money!

I’m sure we all have a few great-value everyday gems up our sleeves, so who fancies revealing your top three go-to under-£7 wines, whether from The Society or elsewhere?

I’ll start (obviously!):

The Society’s Australian Chardonnay, £6.95

This is just LOVELY. Amazing complexity for the price, and such a gorgeous, effortlessly drinkable texture. I struggle to find chardonnay this good anywhere else for under £7 so would love any other recommendations!

Percheron Shiraz-Mourvèdre, Swartland 2016, £5.95

This gorgeous red never fails to surprise me thanks to its delicious complexity and balance. Probably my go-to under £6 red.

For the sake of balance, I’ll also list one of my favourite non-Society (gasp! Surely not! etc) wines:


Exquisite Clare Valley Riesling, £6.99 at Aldi

Is it ‘exquisite’? No. But it’s delicious and I think gives a good representation of Clare Valley riesling from what I’ve tried before, and does a much better job than its price tag would lead you to believe. I don’t generally champion Aldi wines based on my overall experience but there really are some hidden treasures, this being one of them!

Looking forward to hearing your recommendations! :smiley:

Your best great-value wines?

Good topic! It’s been a while since i purchased below that price point as I’ve got into the mindset of fewer bottles but traded up. I think i will make a point of picking out some of these in my next order.


Well done @laura for starting this topic. I laughed out loud at my desk with your “gasp! surely not!” comment! I rarely buy under £9, but at Committee tastings we explore a great deal of under £8 and £7 because they’re highly popular. I do buy one regularly:

OK, OK, it’s 50p over your limit but wow, is this good. This is such a delicious wine - I cannot praise it enough, and at the price it’s truly tremendous. I have often thought it to be the best value red at this price in Britain.

The Society’s fino at £6.75 is also outstanding.


What’s happening with the embedded image of the bottle and so on? I don’t think it’s working. @robert_mcintosh can you check? I did everything correctly, then deleted the first post, then tried something different… Hmm…


@ricard Sorry about the link situation, I think it’s still a bug we’re in the process of fixing! I’ll report it again and hopefully we can get it sorted ASAP.

Those two recommendations are pretty spot-on, though! Love the fino (it’s one of my favourite aperitifs) and the Soc Rioja has always over-delivered for the price - it’s got to be one of the best Society-label wines we’ve ever had!

Speaking of Spanish Society-label wines, this is the cheapest wine on our entire list and yet I really think it’s terrifically tasty:

The Society’s Southern Spanish Red, Jumilla 2016
A fruit explosion, but also smooth and far more complex than you’d expect at £5.50!

That is lovely to hear! You’ll have to let us know what you think?


Another one in this category is the wonderful Grignan-les-Adhémar, Delas 2016 … what not to like…

Sticking to the topic I had these ones (previous vintage) that left me satisfied:

and this also fitting the bill… (some may say cheating)


@laura i guess I’ve been guilty of going after those bottles that aim to separate themselves from the ‘everyday’ hundrum and assuming that as you trade up you get more character, intensity, risk taking etc however i loved the point made in the lafite thread that wine’s only job is to be delicious and every wine mentioned so far looks delicious! It wasn’t long ago before i started getting an actual salary that 7 quid was a good bottle for me :slight_smile:


Thanks for your wonderfully quick response, @laura. I’m glad you agree about those two. On the Jumilla front, I’ve been a huge fan of Jumilla (and Monastrell in general) for a long time, and I do have rather a tasty collection of wines from that region, but I spend a little more. If you think it’s amazing, I heartily recommend the wines of Juan Gil http://bodegasjuangil.com/en/, who also make the rightly world famous El Nido and Clío (http://bodegaselnido.com/), and Casa Castillo http://www.casacastillo.es/index.php?set_lang=eng (especially Las Gravas - incredible). The Society doesn’t stock these but they’re quite “long tail”. Having said that, it doesn’t surprise me that we can get good value out of Jumilla - the prices are sometimes bafflingly low.


Great idea for a topic @laura

I’m a huge Carmenere fan and so for £6.75 you can do a lot worse than

  • Full on blackcurrant jam flavours and I’m sure the price makes it taste a bit better as well!

I have also got to give a little shoutout to one of my favourite local wine merchants as they do a great Colombard from Cotes de Gascogne for £7 - https://www.weaverswines.com/plaimont-colombard-cotes-de-gascogne-2016.html - Zesty, grassy and just generally really bright. It probably does go a bit better with sunshine rather than these dreary September days but it still tastes mighty fine :slight_smile:


I’ve had ‘4 Meses’ by Juan Gil in the past - fantastic wine!


Although I tend to spend a little more than this now, there are still lots of really good wines to be had for less than £7. Lots of favourites have already been mentioned (hats off to @szaki1974 for picking out 3C). I’d probably go with:

Red - The Society’s Chilean Merlot, Rapel 2015
White - Palladium Garganega, Veneto 2016
Rose - Duo des Plages, vin de France 2016

I think the Palladium Garganega, in particular, is brilliant value. That’s been a regular re-order for me all through spring and summer.


@laura I totally second your Clare Valley suggestion from Aldi , also getting just under the £7 mark is also Aldis Exquisite selection Malbec from the Uco… I think it’s also good value for money and performs really well for that price bracket .


I second this, especially for days when it’s too difficult decide on what to drink! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the advice! I think Jumilla is clearly a region worth exploring… it’s a pity The Soc doesn’t have more from here but it’s a good excuse for me to pay a visit to some of my local indie wine shops. :grinning:

Eee, I had completely forgotten about this wine until you refreshed my memory, thank you! Absolutely gorgeous, especially when there seems to be a lot of disappointing carmenere out there since it got so trendy.

I have enjoyed the white version of this wine but never tried the pink - thanks for the tip! Always looking for good rose - is it a food-friendly one too? :slight_smile:

I have been wondering about trying this for ages and worried I’d be disappointed - thanks for the tip! I think they did magnums of this at Christmas last year too?


You should try the 18 meses - it’ll knock your socks off!


Yes I’d say so. It’s pretty light and fresh so good with salads and light fish dishes. It was a resounding success with barbecues this summer!

For new users: Community highlights to get you started :)

I’d also vouch for the Duo des Plages Rose. I’m not a massive Rose fan but I’ve enjoyed it and the mother in law, who is a Rose oficianado is very much a fan - and she’s always right, I’m told.


Ooh, might have to add that to my next order (and the white too!) Speaking of good under-£7 rosé, I’m rather a fan of the Alpha Zeta:

Really effortlessly drinkable, and made by a talented New Zealander. A bit more of a vivid pink than many might be used to!


Based on what I’ve had from the WS in the last year…

My most ordered sub £7 white is the Ruppertsberg, really good with spicy food which we eat a lot of! All the Ruppertsberg coop wines are great value.

For the reds its this soft and smooth beauty! Love the top end Greek wines, but the cheaper stuff is also worthwhile.

I’m a fan of Vinho Verde and other spritzy whites and this has some good character and is super value. If anything too easy to drink!


Can’t believe I forgot to mention another favourite in this thread:

Tasty, lighter-bodied red, but with plenty of dark fruit. Goes with many different dishes so good to have on-hand for ‘emergencies’