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Your secret wine shame…

That warrants a jail sentence in certain circles.

I got a six-bottle case from Hedonism during lockdown. It’s great and there’s nothing to be ashamed of.


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I think I’ve got one left.

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I’ve flunked my WSET level 3 once because I was out the night before, drinking absurd amounts of wine nonetheless. I fixed that the next year though.


Fish and chips and a bottle of bolly for dinner then!


That made me laugh, sorry!! :wink::rofl: :rofl:
I have on order. for delivery tomorrow 3 half bottles of the Bolly NV @ £21 each. (on offer!)
The 0.75l bottle is £45. :open_mouth: :cry:
Last autumn Asda had the Bolly halves at £18!! :+1:
I bought a shedful. :grinning:
For those who want bottles of Bolly NV, the best recent price was £195 (£32.50 each) from the Christmas Champagne offer. I buy 6 from the offer every Christmas.
With reports of terrible Champagne sales re: Covid-19, it will be VERY interesting if the Grande Marques really drop their prices this Festive Season. Apparently, juice has been sent for distillation as cellar space is now at a premium.
@Leah,you have my sympathies but you may take some sollace,that your bottle will improve markedly with 2-3 years storage!! :+1: :wink::dragon:


Don’t feel too sorry for me, i only paid £35 for it :rofl:


Hankie back in pocket!! :grinning:
That is a “score!!” :clap: Well done. :+1: :grinning: :dragon:

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Whilst working for a well known “wine warehouse” in the 90s which was hosting a high profile tasting attended by the great and the good of the wine industry, three of us decanted and rebottled a number of wines.
Blind tastings are rarely truly blind, and the outcome of our experiment was proof. Reading the reviews afterwards was hilarious, the same wine getting radically different appraisals.
Not sure if I should be ashamed or the critics, but it gave me a generally distrust of “wine authorities”.
Ps. Champagne, it’s a bit of a rip off. :innocent:


Just spotted this post. I really thought it was just me holding the delivery slot this way…Sainsbury’s turned up a few months back “just the two bottles of Moët for you, Mr Boomer-GPL”.


I’m doing the same thing - if I do nothing, Ocado will be delivering me a bottle of Moet 2012 every Sunday evening through October :grinning:


It is really interesting how varied tastes are and I unashamedly love Champagne.

I’m not talking about the insipid, poor quality stuff that supermarket shelves can be awash with, particularly in the seasonal rush to put out a bottle at the £10ish price point and I also think that a lot of the premium offerings are mostly hype and marketing and that better value for money can be had.

My three favourite sparklers are TWS own label with a bit of extra aging, Charles Heidsieck NV with a lot of extra aging and for a real treat/special occasion, Dom Perignon. They make millions of them but boy they can be spectacular when matured for a while. I committed wine infanticide last year with one of my 2008’s but my son was visiting just prior to leaving to work in Chicago so it had to be done. The rest of the case will not see the light of day for many years.

I also think there are some stunning English alternatives coming along nicely and it was a great day when Nyetimber (as an example) had built up sufficient reserves to blend its entry level cuvee as a house NV rather than having to release it by specific year. They are creeping up in price a bit but it’s an expensive business storing reserves.

My wine shame? Well its probably not a shame really, but much as I love Champagne, there’s nothing wrong with a nice Freixenet Cordon Negro brut cava chilled to death on a hot day for a tenner (or much less with a decent offer) and Aldi’s Champers is quite a decent drop with 12 months in the cellar.

However it’s time to come clean. In 1976 I really enjoyed that bottle of Mateus Rose. So much so that I’m not sure I can remember who I shared it with! :flushed:


Oh yes! @Olivercg

That is a stunning combo!

I think you are right @Taffy-on-Tour

I’m already starting to see some evidence of being able to ‘fill my boots’ over the next couple of months. Main problem will be where to put it!

Btw, I’ve never, ever paid rrp for Champagne. I only ever buy when there is a deal and as I cellar it, that works fine.

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My Christmas Bolly is a melange (that is a lovely word :+1:) of 0.75l ex my Reserves £196 per case? Halves ex Asda and other halves and rose halves ex Waitrose Cellar offers.
The Bolly Rose is great with seafood, and a real treat!!
Mind you, enjoying Guigal CdR from 2015 or 2016 is no hardship, and if I was wondering what to have with my Christmas Turkey, Roast Rib of virtually anything (No, not Elephant or Wildebeest, but nice try!! LOL) it would be fab and relatively inexpensive. :+1: :dragon:

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Well done sir!

I agree whole-heartily on the Rose. I’ve got a couple of Magnums of the NV as well as decent stocks of 750ml bottles of both. I’ve not got any halves and am looking out for a decent deal on those as I really like the idea of half bottles.

I do have a few vintage Grande Annee’s as well and was able to get hold of some of the 2007 and 2012 GA Roses. They need aging but we did open one of the 07’s for my daughters birthday. I have to say it was spectacular even though the price is getting a bit silly now.

I got my recent Bolly Rose halves from Waitrose Cellar at £19.50 per pop, post discount.
The offer comes and goes, so keep an eye out. :+1: :dragon:

Thanks and appreciated.

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Oops - this week’s Ocado order consists of a bottle of Ardbeg Uigeadeil and £20 of foodbank vouchers. Caught out by the change to having to edit 48 hours in advance! I think if it had been Champagne I might now be in less trouble…


I use the same tactic every week and I know that one Sunday instead of getting groceries I will receive a bottle of champagne :joy: