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Your secret wine (and pizza) shame…

Finishing a good bottle of wine with totally inappropriate late night snacks. Yesterday was a good example, Chianti with a fish finger sandwich anyone ?

Nah, didn’t think so. Apart from that I’m shameless !


I am 100% here for this.


Have been fortunate enough to have enjoyed both '02 and '05 Batailley in recent weeks, to my surprise the '02 was the clear winner (more fruit, more balanced), but both fantastic. Price is so subjective isn’t it, but for me it still represents ‘value’ in the bigger picture of cru classé bdx - if that’s your thing.


Not really a secret but I spend too much money on wine. Not to the point of debt, but definitely to the point where I’ve had to not have other things I wanted (or needed) as a result. It’s also very much a delayed gratification thing as I’m spending too much on laying down wine rather than drinking now wine.


My secret wine shame - I like, nay love, Asti Spumante! Always have, always will. At its best on Boxing Day with my Mam’s sherry trifle but also delightful with strawberries or on its own.


My mum makes a a (huge) sherry trifle every year, and it’s only me who really lkes it. Never really found a wine that went well with it. This year I shall now be bringing along a bottle of Asti Spumante to have with it (though perhaps won’t be reviewing it on CT) :grinning:


I was pleasantly surprised by the pairing, and despite my fears, it certainly didn’t clash.

Victoria Moore’s excellent book The Food And Dine Dictionary recommends supermarket Fitou as the best companion though !


I sometimes enjoy a big mouthful of young tannins, with all the internal puckering and drying that involves, and will attack a wine that is too young in order to feel it. Like others, there’s no discernible guilt.


We have perfectly good wine but when we go camping it has to be box wine with a push tap. Or a “bagnum”.


I don’t but know someone else who likes the taste of mouth-puckering tannins.

Like some others I (so far) just don’t get Barolo or Burgundy. Maybe I need to invest in more expensive examples. But on the other hand there are so many other wines that I love, so why bother?

Also white wine. Sorry, but although I don’t actually dislike white wine, whenever I’m drinking it the thought is always in the back of my mind that I’d rather be drinking a red!

Oh, and @Tannatastic I’m with you I just don’t much worry about wine food matching. But as a veggie and a red wine lover it would be kind of difficult anyway! I know there are good matches but as I have a glass of red with pretty much every meal I think I’d struggle to have much variety.


Same here, no interest at all!

I serve cheaper wine to my friends and family than I open and drink by myself when I have a night in on my own. I am considering adopting this policy for that most revered of wine geek-off festivals, Christmas Day.


100% with you on this. I never serve ‘the best’ over Christmas - most people don’t appreciate it, Turkey is a pointless meat to pair with wine anyway, and l’m usually suffering from a terrible cold in the depths of winter anyway, so no point sharing my best stuff.


Oh yes, I definitely save the best for myself.

If the overwhelming majority of people quite reasonably don’t give a hoot about wine beyond its effect on the brain then fair enough, I totally get that. It’s my geeky hobby, so the special bottles are for me :yum:


I actively dislike most Sauvignon blanc!


:+1: :+1: :+1:

it’s weird how it’s taken off. Cat pee and freshly mown grass are not good tasting notes.


Champagne, KFC and a really good Superbowl match.
This year with the Kansas City Chiefs v the San Francisco 49er’s ticked every box for me.
It doesn’t have to be Bolly or Roederer, Tesco last Christmas had a Finest bottle that was very acceptable.
Having said that, if some friends invite themselves along, it is a Bolly NV night with 2 buckets :open_mouth: and sides. :blush: :blush: :dragon:


Well this has all been very civilised, not that controversial. This will put the cat among the chickens with this group…

Gruner Veltliner. The darling of restaurants before lockdown. Tastes of water with white pepper. I keep trying it. Keep disliking.

I’m not sure it’s quite ‘wine shame’, but I’m fighting against the zeitgeist for sure.


They are for me!