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Your secret wine (and pizza) shame…

As seen on Twitter (@FelicityCarter).

Here’s mine - I have no interest in food and wine matching.


I come from the diametrically opposed position - I see no benefit in blind tasting.

And certainly the occasions rarely drink wine without food are vanishingly rare :sunglasses:


I sometimes add soda water to white wine… I know


I just don’t ‘get’ Barolo…‘traditional’, ‘modern’, young, old, cheap, expensive, I’ve yet to have one that’s made me go wow…


Having a sneaky occasional liking for something parkerised


I had this issue for a while and then found some producers that worked for me eg Fratelli Allessandria which is redder fruited. Also worth spending some time with Langhe Nebbiolo if not already done so as they seemed to key me in to the grape


Drinking good red burgundy when it is much younger than deemed proper by the Burgundy cognoscenti


Good thread on Twitter, made me smile here and there.

My wine shames are endless, however they are not often that secret. In no particular order and I may edit the list longer as I think of them;

  1. I drink out of whatever glass I fancy rather than any designated shape, even when I have such things.
  2. I eat artichokes, spinach with red wine. It is true it doesn’t help much.
  3. I am completely bored of Ch Batailley. It is monstrously over-rated (and recently over-priced) for a wine that is just about good enough to make a below average cru bourgeois. I hate it’s lumpen mediocrity. I hate that I have nearly 3 cases which I can’t bear to look at.
  4. I am genuinely ashamed of the amount of wine which I could not afford now which I drank without any thought or consideration pre-millennium.
  5. I drink too much.

… Or Chianti, or Rioja… :flushed:


At least I know my cellar is safe from you then! :smiley:


I always drink exactly the right amount…


A friend of mine who knows his Bordeaux much better than I do used to rave about this. A few Christmas’s ago we each bought a bottle from different merchants, had our respective Christmas and when we next saw each other afterwards both thought it was shit.

I like Pauillac more than the other big areas, just didnt get this one at all.


This is interesting, I was planning getting Ch Batailley in the EP offer. I do have cases of the 2008 and 2009. Only drank one bottle of the 2008 a while ago, and can’t remember being very impressed nor disappointed. Will open another bottle before ordering. Shame on me for planning to order without trying it properly!


To widen this discussion, I find many Bordeaux (and I’ll add Burgundy) are spectacularly overpriced for what you get.

Perhaps years ago, Bordeaux was a by-word for consistency and quality, certainly up against other regions. That frankly just isn’t the case anymore, throughout the wider world, but also even just in France itself.

(And don’t get me started on the ‘You need to find the right producer in Burgundy’ line, I often interpret that in my head as ‘most of it is overpriced rubbish, but we’re too embarrassed to admit it’. Cue pandemonium :joy:)


Love Rioja, Chianti leaves me cold too…

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Thanks for this, may be worth a try, though I have had some Langue Nebbiolos and again ‘meh’. There’s so much wine out there I do love, why do I keep spending money on wines I don’t… :sweat_smile:


Completely unbothered by red burgundy. Tastes like thin cherry pop and costs a fortune. Just don’t understand the fuss. I’ve tried and tried to get into it but never manage it.

In contrast, I love Batailley, Parker-influenced wines and Rioja.


Another vote for red burgundy leaving me cold. In fact, make that Pinot Noir. I just don’t love it, and you need to love it at those prices.


I don’t have any secret wine shame.

There are varieties I don’t like and wines I don’t buy. But I’m not ashamed, why should I be?

If one like a particular variety, then surely there’s something about it that accords with you, to it’s certain that you don’t like a wine that doesn’t offer what you like. It would be a dull world if we all had the same taste. Shops would only need to stock one red, one dry white, one rose & etc.

If a wine is to hot I have no qualms about putting an ice cube in the glass, or calling for an ice bucket for a red.

I hate formulaic food & wine matching. Food & wine matching is a game for people like us, but it puts off so many newcomers who are feared of ordering ‘the wrong wine’.


I usually drink one bottle a week. If i go out to lunch thats extra. Usually a large glass of red. One lunch out a month. Due to the virus. Not been out for a meal since March . When away i drink a bit more. I bottle every 4 days. Going to the Sea side in September for 5 days . Probably drink more but not excessibly so.