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Your questions wanted



I would like to run a regular feature here where we interview a member of the community to get to know them better - to know about them personally, their wine interests, their hobbies but also what makes them tick.

It would be for both members and staff, and we’d like to get to know them outside of just wine.

What questions do you think we could ask that would make these interviews interesting, different and revealing (within reason)? We need to get beyond “What do you do for a living” and closer to “Tell us something that you’ve done that you are pretty sure no-one else in the community has done (yet)?” sort of question.

Don’t forget that if you include REALLY hard questions, it could be you answering them one day.

So, what should we ask? Any suggestions?

… and any volunteers?


Some suggestions:

Your house is on fire - which bottle would you save from the burning building? (no cheating - this has to be a bottle in your possession at the moment)

You are having a dinner party - three courses, three guests, three wines - who would you invite (anyone from history dead, alive or even fictional allowed), and what wines would you serve - and why?

The wine and the occasion are not always well-matched; Have you ever had such a ‘Sideways’ moment? By this I refer to the scene in the film Sideways where the central character capitulates and drinks his prized Pinot alone out of a paper bag in a hamburger joint.

You are advised by your doctor that for medical reasons you may only drink one grape variety for the rest of your life - which do you choose and why?

Restaurant wines deserve their own category - what was your most memorable restaurant wine experience?


Excellent thoughts @cgoldin . I expect the final interview might end up being quite challenging to answer :slight_smile:

Does anyone have any non-wine questions they would suggest we add? After all, we don’t ONLY drink wine, so we?


I absolutely love every single one of these questions. So ingenious.


A few more fun & challenging ones that occurred to me recently:

  • What one habit do you have that you wish you could CHANGE? (does not have to relate to wine or drinking)
  • What’s the title of your Autobiography going to be?
  • If you had a £10,000 cheque to give away to an organisation, who would you give it to, and why?
  • What app on your phone right now makes the biggest difference to your life, and how?
  • What was the last gift that you gave someone (that YOU chose and bought)?
  • What’s the funniest thing that has ever happened to you?

We probably can’t ask them all, but they might inspire you to come up with better ones we could use instead :slight_smile:


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We’ve had some fantastic interviews with members so far thanks to this process, but we have to keep innovating!

Here, for the record, is a list of the interviews so far:

@szaki1974: Meet the Members: Szaki1974
@leah: Meet the Members: Leah
@tom: Meet the Members: Tom
@JayKay: Meet the Members: JayKay
@NorthernWrites: Meet the Members: NorthernWrites
@MetalheadWino: Meet the Members: MetalheadWino
@Inbar: Meet the Members: Inbar

and me:
@robert_mcintosh: Meet The Members (Society Staff Edition): Robert_mcintosh

Now that we have run our existing questions for a while, it might be time to come up with some new questions to ask, especially now that we have more experience of the community, such as:

  • What is the best / worst wine you’ve tried as a result of a recommendation in the community?
  • What would your fantasy TWS Taste event involve?
  • You have been randomly chosen to compete in the wine world’s version of University Challenge. Quick! Which 3 other members would you recruit to your team?

Do let us know what you think of the format and the questions, and if you have ideas of ways to improve this and get to know even more of the wonderful folks who frequent this place.