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Your own barrel of Burgundy


I just received this by email, and it was certainly one of the more unusual wine offers I have received…


Domaine Taupenot-Merme 2018 Barrel Offer

Domaine Taupenot-Merme are, for the first time, offering to personalise their labels on their exceptional 2018s. They will not charge for the service but, due to the extra work to manipulate the label, stipulate a minimum order of a barrel (300 bottles or equivalent) of any of the four wines below.

Romain has been running this family domaine for almost twenty years now, but in the last few vintages he really seems to have taken the quality to a new level. His 2018s are merely the latest in a string of high quality, classical Burgundies to emerge from his Morey-based estate. Tasting through his fascinating range of wines several times during the autumn tastings, one was struck by the retention of terroir character. In a vintage where lesser producers might have allowed the warmth of the vintage to blur terroir nuance, Romain seemed to be very much the conductor, playing the tune he wanted to play in the way he wanted it played.
Having begun picking on 4th September, all his Côte de Nuits wines and his Corton Rognet came in between 13.1 and 13.9 and all retained a strong, dynamic focus. Some of the tannins are sublime; ripe but not grainy, supple but not chewy. As someone who destems everything, he found his fermentations happened with no issues and colours came very easily. Consequently, pigeages were kept to a minimum and extraction was light and respectful. Throughout the range the fruit tends more towards the red and blue than black and with pHs around 3.55 there is plenty of freshness and energy adding lift and layers. This is a great set of wines that has really taken the qualities of the vintage and run with them.
In light of the quality of his 2018s, we have persuaded Romain to offer us four different wines which he will bottle with a personalised label in specially made wooden cases. The only decisions to be made are which wine to choose and the format of the bottles. They can be delivered in cases of 6 bottles, cases of 3 magnums or cases of 1 Jeroboam. Romain charges a 10% premium for magnum and Jero.

Domaine Taupenot-Merme 2018 Barrels

St Romain Blanc Barrel (50 cases of 6) £5,750 ib
Gevrey Chambertin Barrel (50 cases of 6) £10,250 ib
Morey St Denis 1er Cru La Riotte Barrel (50 cases of 6) £19,750 ib
Charmes Chambertin Grand Cru Half Barrel (25 cases of 6) £18,750 ib
Charmes Chambertin Grand Cru Full Barrel (50 cases of 6) £37,500 ib


At least it puts in perspective my outlay on 3 bottles of the ‘09 Exhibition Hermitage…


If you want some wine with personalised labels, for whatever reason (weddings? anniversaries?), then there a numerous chamnpagne growers who will cheerfully arrange to bottle your wine with special customised labels in much smaller quantities than that.


Interesting that buying a barrel doesn’t offer incredible savings. I know nothing about the wines of this particular Taupe but £34/bottle in bond for Villages Gevrey-Chambertin when, for example, TWS has lovely Mes Favorites 2012 at £44 (tax/duty paid), doesn’t seem that much of a deal.

Well if you buy some, I’d be in the market for a case.