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Your January Community highlights?

As we come to the end of perhaps the longest month in history (I’m sure it should be March by now…) I thought it would be fun to list a few of the things we’ve discovered/learned/enjoyed on The Community this month.

Here’s my January ‘best bits’:

What are your Community highlights of the month? :grinning:


As a noob when it comes to buying en primeur, but having dipped a toe in for Rhone 2015 and Bordeaux 2016, the Rhone EP 2016 thread has been an invaluable resource this month- thank you to everyone who has contributed to it. I appreciate that members posting what they are going for may reduce their chances of it being allocated to them, so it seems altruistic to me (as a net consumer rather than contributor of opinions when it comes to EP).

That aside, the AMA with Pierre Mansour was very informative and fun to follow.


My favourite discussions would enclude the en primeur debate to buy Vs not to buy and the also the discussion around what every one is in fact purchasing from the Rhône EP .
I’ve enjoyed the live Pierre Mansour q&a and also the new Hungarian case chat !