Your heaviest or lightest bottle?

Just finished a bottle of Jean Claude Mas, Astélia, Pezenas 2016 (Aldi). Carrying the bottle home - I didn’t have a plastic bag - I thought it felt weighty - so I put it on the scales, empty. 950 grams, no less.

For comparison a Waitrose own label chianti was 416g, empty.

Gives a new meaning to ‘a wine with gravitas’.


In the 75cl size probably a bottle of the Grahams 1972 single harvest Tawny - there is about 2 inches of solid glass at the base of the bottle!

Prima 2000 from the Mitjavile stable of wines.
A heavy as a house brick and sadly for me, the wine was a disappointment.

A magnum of A Mano Rioja from Bodegas LAN - I passed the empty magnum to the other end of the table asking if they’d like some - they poured and couldn’t believe that nothing came out. It felt full!

Got this empty bottle out of the garage… Mate Cuvee from Raspi, remembered it was quite heavy, over 1.7 kilos it turns out.


I have a bottle on my desk for this weekend that i’m astonished at the weight of - will get it on the scales later and see what it comes out at!

I never weighed them, but the Saint-Peray Domaine du Tunnel come in a real tank of a bottle - they also do a premium version called “Pur-Blanc” which is even heavier! The wine is also heavenly :slight_smile:

The picture here is for the cheaper Catena, but the Historic rows is heavier and fatter than a Champagne bottle. Looking forward to it!

Trinity Hill Homage:



I had a bottle of this over Christmas

… the bottle alone weighed in at 1.2kg

The wine itself was almost as weighty … but with LOTS of air (24 hours +) it eventually mellowed enough to drink.

Craggy Range “Sophia” weighing in at 1780 grams. Do I get a prize :wink:


it weighed that when empty??

Oh no. Gutted. Teach me not to read properly. Still, feels abnormally heavy, Jancis Robinson went on a bit of a rant about it when reviewing the wine, she doesn’t like her NHBs. What the 1.7 kilo one empty (upthread) must have felt like I’ve no idea.

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Consolation prize then … you get to drink it :slight_smile:

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@tonythepony hm is that a recommendation for the 2016 EP?

It feels like a full bottle… I am planning on showing it to people for a fiver… :slight_smile:


Having an organisation of my Phone today and found this, living life on the edge!

This was a weighty one. Bordeaux Jeroboam, certainly over 2kg.

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Not a thread record but a personal record at about 921 grams:

Photo taken from Cellartracker - mine’s buried in the recycling bin now…


1.2kg is my record so far. It was a S. American wine with some pretensions, though I can’t recall which.

If you can make champagne bottles that weigh 850g (I’ve just weighed one), then what excuse is there for these dreadnoughts? That 1.76kg monster that @szaki1974 posted must be a world record!