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Your feedback wanted: display links



As I’ve mentioned in the past, we have developed a special preview box for links that point to wines or other products on our list, such as this:

These links have the image, the title, description and, hopefully usefully, the price.

However, not all the wines we are tasting and talking about will always be currently available. In some cases we will buy wines to keep for years, and when we get around to sharing them, they will no longer be in stock so there will be no price information.

As a member, you will have access to the wine’s information in your “My Wines” list so there is still the opportunity to share the link here. The question I have is this:

How should we display links to out-of-stock wines in the forum?

  • does it matter to you whether they are in stock or not?
  • would you want these to look different - such as a background colour?
  • instead of showing “Price £0.00”, would it be better to say something like “This wine or vintage is no longer available”? Is there better wording for this?
  • in the ideal world, where would these links take you? To the historic wine information, the latest vintage of the same wine, or to related products?

Here is a mock-up of the design we are looking at, but I thought I would ask the opinion of those who will be using these links most - you!


My ha’p’orth:

  • Doesn’t matter that they are out of stock - always interesting to look back.

  • Some form of text or an icon to show the wine is currently out of stock would be good.

  • Given that the price paid appears when viewing the wine under the ‘My WInes’ banner, could that also appear in the design?

  • The link should go to the historic information, as other member reviews & press reviews on that wine can also be found, giving more information.


The new design looks good :slight_smile: Having the time-stamp is incredibly helpful as well.

I think it matters.

No, I think text is sufficient.

The latter statement is better.

I’m a bit greedy so ideally, I’d quite like to have all three! What I might look into next is really wine-dependent. For some replaceable wines, I’d like to look into different vintages or related products. For some wines that I’ve had, I might simply want to remind myself about the wine. Clint :slight_smile:


I’d prefer the links go to the original wine but then state that it’s no longer available.


Thank you all for your public and private responses to this request. A slightly revised version will be added to the site shortly so if anyone shares a link to a wine that is no longer available, such as a wine from your “My Wines” list, then the link will look like this:

The only noticeable change is the addition of an icon, as suggested, that gives the price a bit more ‘stand out’.

In terms of the link, you will be taken to the original information on the wine, and if a new vintage is available, you will see a button on the right to take you to that product:

If you are logged in, and you had previously purchased this wine, you will also see the price and date you purchased that wine - such as this:

The issue of providing a list of related wines is something that is currently being looked into.


This new plugin is now live on the site. Here is a live test. Thank you all again for your support and input