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Your favourite (UK) wine bar



“Unwined” in Tooting Market - an utter gem. Rotating pop-up chefs, great wine from unusual indie producers and staff who are wonderfully passionate. Well worth a little visit!


Salute is fantastic!! If you ever venture out to the burbs [Wine and Wallop ] in Didsbury is great too! (http://www.wineandwallop.co.uk)


Ooooo i missed salute last time i was in manc. Have you eaten there? Is their wine by the glass menu any good?


I’ve not eaten… but I’ve heard no complaints!! There is about 40 by the glass options so something for everyone! I really like that you can order 50ml of some so easy to try lots!! :grin:


My favourite (and reasonably local) is The Wine Bank in Southwell, Nottinghamshire. It’s not huge, but the range is very good and the staff and owner super helpful and friendly. The Enomatic wine dispensers hold up to 10 wines, I believe and there’s always at least one or two excellent choices in there. The shop sells some superb wines as well as ports, gins and other specialities. It also hosts regular tastings with a very good value Christmas one in the nearby Saracen’s Head pub each December. https://www.mrandmrsfinewine.co.uk/


I live not far from Newark - and had never heard of this place. I will definitely be seeking it out in the near future. Thanks for the tip @VinoVeritas


Old Bridge in Huntingdon, superb range of wines including a wine shop with enomatic machines. Fourth and Church also a top choice as others have mentioned. The Decanter in Leeds has a few good options. Some great places in this post!


It’s not the cheapest place to buy wine, but I must admit to rarely leaving without a bottle. The Enomatic samples are a great way to try wines that are unknown or off-puttingly expensive. It has a good selection from the New World as well as France, with a small, but interesting number of bottles from England, Greece and Turkey. It’s about 1 minute walk from the 28b Newark bus stop too.


Ann et Vin in Newark has the same effect on me - I rarely come out without buying a bottle. Worth a look if you are ever over that way.


I’ve only been once but enjoyed ‘1855’ in Oxford. Good selection of wines, nice knowledgeable staff and seemed to have regular tastings. We joined the ‘something different’ tasting on the night - it was well run and lived up to the billing

Also quite like Bar Bouloud in Knightsbridge but the ‘by the glass’ selection has been more limited in recent visits


Sadly I have never been to a bar that achieves the Unicorn concept of offering interesting wine, by the glass, at an acceptable price.

Essentially the economics seem to result in a hefty mark-up, so a reasonable new world Pinot Noir or a Chablis is £9.50 for a medium sized glass. Which is OK in London (especially on ‘expenses’) - but not in rural Yorkshire. A round of say 4 glasses & a couple of bags of peanuts comes in at £45 !!

Having said that, I might recommend: The Parcel Yard (Pub) in Kings Cross Station, and The Orange Tree in Leicester town centre. Both serve genuinely decent wines AND great beer.


Thinking of good pub / wine bars, this place in Spitalfields does a good selection by the glass too. Quite a Loire focus, which suits me fine!



I went to 67 Pall Mall which was fantastic if you want to try amazing wines by the glass. Huge collection available using coravin system at all prices but with very small mark up. So you can get a glass of something that would normally be unobtainable at less than eye watering cost by the bottle with normal mark up.

I had a glass of opus 1 for example, amongst a few other glasses.

Only downside is that it’s a private members club so you need to know a member.

There is another similar minimal mark up wine based private members club just opened in albermarle Street called oswalds opened by Robin Birley. I’m waiting for an invitation to go there.


They have an Enomatic system with 32 wines available by the glass in 50ml tasting measures, 125ml & 175ml. A further 12 wines by the glass and over 350 wines by the bottle to choose from, to drink in or take home to enjoy. I have no financial or other interest apart from enjoying wine. See http://salut.co.uk/ They also do tapas sized food dishes.


Aw nice thanks for the info! :blush:


Loki, in Birmingham.

The Birmingham branch is more a (rather expensive) wine shop with a lot of wine on Enomatics, rather than a wine bar but very friendly. Not been to the Edgbaston branch.


I went there about 4 years ago to shop with my brother in law who lives in the area. I found interesting things that seemed fairly good value. I’ve been meaning to go back for a few glasses ever since. Nice place!


The Winemakers Club - London
Wayward Wines - Leeds


Reading the above posts, I wonder what defines a ‘wine bar’. Is it a shop with tasting facilities, or a ‘wine based pub’ where you might spend time eating and buying by the glass in a non shop atmosphere.


That’s definitely a grey area these days - in the age of the bottle shop, pop up, restaurant / bar etc its hard to know what “counts” as a wine bar

FWIW I just think of anywhere I would look forward to sitting with an interesting glass or two of wine by the glass