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Your favourite threads - get to know the community


I’m overwhelmed with excitement. Last week we welcomed over 100 new members of The Society to this community - and today we’ve already seen over 25 more new members.

It is so great to have you join us and take part in the conversation, and experience the joy of wine to its fullest, with friends.

I would like to ask those existing members like @szaki1974, @Leah, @tom, @JayKay, @Bargainbob, @russ, @onlyawino and MANY, MANY others to help me show the new arrivals around the house.

Your memorable moments

Please share a link to your favourite recent thread in the community so that new members can explore those conversations that you feel demonstrate what this place it all about.

If you are new, please follow the links below and meet the existing members. You can also explore the ‘TOP’ recent posts by clicking the link in the menu at the top of the page.

Welcome, and thanks!!

The Hungarian wine
BYOB work function - what wines?

I’ll start by saying that I was very happy to start this series of interviews with the Buyers.

As a member myself I am keenly aware how much we rely on and value the advice of one of the most formidable buying teams in the business - and so to create the opportunity for ANY member to ask ANY question is very exciting.

For me, this represents one of the key innovations that the community offers members of The Society.

The first event was with Pierre Mansour and the second is already coming up very soon with Toby Morrhall


I’m a new member but really enjoyed the Weekend Drinking thread last week - the new one has just been added:

A great way to chat about what’s in your glass each weekend, share some pics and who mnows, maybe even get some inspiration for your next order :wink:

[side note: perhaps these threads should be tagged so they can be followed a bit more easily?]


Done! Search for #weekend


Hello, I am a new member, I joined in January. I have learnt a lot from the community postings already, there is a lot of enthusiasm, knowledge and passion, shared very generously in a friendly environment. My favourite posts are probably the weekly “weekend drinking thread” ones. It has given me a very good insight of the breadth of WS wines, and reading those posts, alongside Member reviews of the wines, has encouraged me to purchase a number of bottles. I enjoyed some of the Society Ruppertsberg earlier, and will be opening a bottle of red later (still deciding what that will be!)


lovely wine and great value, good choice!

That is so wonderful to hear. Thanks for sharing and do let us know (in the current thread) what you do eventually open.


Yes, very easy drinking, went well with some cheese straws and smoked salmon at lunchtime…this snow is making me feel festive! Without the community postings I’d not have discovered it, and I will be ordering more, it would be a versatile picnic white too when Summer arrives! Happy weekend to you, your Victoria Sponge looks superb by the way!


I really enjoyed this discussion and thanks to @szaki1974, we all a little more knowledgeable about Hungarian wines now. Some very tempting Hungarian wines have just appeared on the website!:


Firstly, a big welcome to all the new members! There’s loads of interesting stuff on here to get into, but I’d pick out this as a thread that meandered round a lot of aspects of the very priciest wines, and made me jealous of those who’d enjoyed Penfold’s Grange…


I enjoyed the Beaujolais Nouveau - discuss thread. A real divergence of opinion here and just goes to show that beauty is in the eye (should that mouth) of the taster. Don’t be put off what you like just because someone else tells you it’s rubbish! On the other hand, you will get lots of recommendations in this Community and your WS wish list will be filling up quite quickly if my experience is anything to go by. Enjoy!


I love the online tasting events, you can see the schedule here

For past events look for #twstaste


I joined the Community in January and there were already loads of threads I’ve enjoyed discovering since then. A recent favourite was this, on dinner party wine and the discovery that some people dont seem to care what they drink. Weirdos.