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Your favourite small producers?

Some folks here were talking about Toni Jost. If you haven’t noticed already there is a Zoom talk with Cecilia from Toni Jost through TWS on 2 September.


Thanks @Andrew20, have signed up for this. Just hope it doesn’t mean all that Kabinett sells out before I get a chance to reorder (1 bottle arrives tomorrow).

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I’d like to nominate Château Sainte-Eulalie in Minervois, who have supplied The Society for many years now. I was lucky enough to visit them in 2006, interrupting Laurent Coustal at his work, but he couldn’t have been more generous with his time and even gave us some of his house white to taste, which was as delicious as everything else he and Isabelle conjure. They make wines that have lovely balance of ripe fruit and freshness, always satisfying. We even chose their Cuvée La Cantilène as our wedding wine! Well worth trying.


I had actually ordered a bottle of the Albourne Estate Selection before seeing this thread, and it arrived today. One of my first English wines!

I’ll report back once I’ve tried it…


@Brocklehurstj, @SPmember, @NickFoster and @Embee I decided to pop one of the Tony Jost in my next order. Thanks for the suggestion.


As a lover of Mosel wines, I cannot recommend highly enough the wines of Martin Conrad https://www.martinconrad.de/unsere-weine

The range is fantastic - everything from Sekt, dry, medium, sweet, super sweet, reds. We first came across his wines at our local wine tasting group when one of our members presented his wines. She went to university with him and was a good friend. On the back of that, we booked into the hotel run by his parents and had a great tasting in his winery across the road from the hotel overlooking the Mosel and the Sonnenunr-Juffer hill in the background. Bliss and Sekt for breakfast if you can manage it (we couldn’t!). We’ve been there twice and last year bought a mixed case by post.


Oooh @JayKay, I’m always after a nice Winzer Sekt, I’ll take a look at the site ! Thanks for this :+1::+1:

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Not sure if most members realise, but Ferraton cuvees are not made in quatity.
Crozes Courtil 300 cases
Hermitage Miaux 300 cases
Perrin Gigondas L’Argnee 125 cases
Perrin Gigondas Tourelles 700 cases
Perrin Hauts de Julien 500 cases
Clos des Caillou
CdR La Reserve 500 cases

Jaboulet La Chapelle 3000 cases
Beaucastel CNdP 20000 cases
Mont Redon 25000 cases
Clos des Papes 8000 cases
Vieux Telegraphe 16000 cases

And this is only scratching the surface, of the marvellous wines that @owmarcel makes available to us all; that are made in tiny quantities.
Note that these are 12 bottle cases and this is the total production for the entire, wine loving world NOT just the UK!! :+1: :dragon:


Thanks to the WEALTH of responses here, I am but slowly making my way through the list and trying to acquaint myself with as many of these wines as possible.

@MrLaura and I tried two over the weekend:

While not my usual style of wine, I did enjoy this - purely because of the gorgeous juxtaposition of zingy freshness and a creamy texture on the finish! :heart: Will definitely try the sparkler when I next get a chance - that looks a good price for English fizz!

(Thanks also to @SPmember for the corroboration and @Embee for letting me know the Toni Jost Kabinett was back in stock, which I swiftly ordered! )

WELL. We were iffy about opening this because the drink dates were so long, but I couldn’t resist, and I’m glad I didn’t - this is already singing now! The tasting note describes it very accurately as ‘stunning’ - it was juicy and fresh with some petrol hints already, and the flavours were endless. Lovely and rich too.
We drank it with a smoked haddock chowder and it worked fantastically alongside it, but it was just as nice to savour a glass on its own after dinner. I’ll be adding more to my next order without a doubt!

A few more already in the rack ready to try in the coming weeks, and I’m still open to more suggestions if anyone else has any small-producer wines they’d recommend…

What does everyone reckon to this being a theme for one of our ‘bring a bottle’ #twstaste events?!


I must have passed this vineyard when descending from the Devil’s Dyke last week. I’ll have to try a visit next time, daughter No. 1 starts a masters at Sussex this week.

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Sounds good to me


Highly likely! The whole area is so beautiful, isn’t it?

Good luck to her! :four_leaf_clover: I work for Brighton Uni, but Sussex Uni is my Alma Mater. Loved it there, so hope she enjoys it too! :grinning:

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Plenty of choice here with regard to the brief so count me in !


Back in stock!!!

Judging by last year you need to be quick


Sadaly Taras passed away yesterday. A big loss to the Aussie wine industry.

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Dreadful news but thanks for letting us know. His poor family.

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Oh no, what awful news. What a huge loss.

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@laura I have just had a small idea - and please forgive me if you already do this - but maybe a suggestion to the WS web people that maybe you need an easy to see symbol for a ‘small producer’ (admittedly there must be some way of determining ‘small’). I think people might well note the fact, and it might steer people to buy those wines - I know I feel good that I’m both enjoying a wine and helping a small producer into the bargain.


I wouldn’t hold your breath @Grimpeur there wasn’t room to put a tiny EB on the site/list to signify English Bottled so I wouldn’t think SP for small producer would gain any favour either. But good luck!

I suspect the problem for both ideas is not so much to do with space on page but rather the headache of updating the database with an extra couple of fields, which would then be present (used or not) in every record for every wine for every vintage in the database. these sort of changes tend to be non-trivial and also tend to increase the database size significantly. Not to mention being one more thing to add into (and potentially get wrong) the data for every new wine added to the list. That doesn’t mean I don’t agree it would be nice to have that data (along with stuff like all the grapes and their percentages not just the ‘dominant’ grape) just that I can also see that there’s likely some inertia to overcome!