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Your Favourite Podcasts


I adore podcasts, I listen to them quite often in the kitchen when cooking.
I really enjoy this American Political one, which I think is part of the Washington Post.
It can be hilarious, thought - provoking, educational, informative but most of all it is bang up to date.
I can thoroughly recommend that you give it a try, but PLEASE do not associate me with the views expressed; it is what it is!


I too love podcasts, with 3 hours of commuting per day, I have the opportunity to plough through them as well.

One of my favourites is the Beef and Dairy Network podcast. Weird, dark comedy, probably not suitable for everyone.


We were introduced to No Such Thing As A Fish by our daughter.

As you would expect, a lot of random facts - very entertaining.


Great thread! Always looking for more podcasts to listen to, now more than ever

I can’t recommend Kermode and Mayo highly enough, great podcast that’s not really about movies, just as Jaws isn’t really about a shark. They are tailoring their show now to movies available to watch at home to help people find some good entertainment. And their back catalogue is available too, 250+ podcasts

Hello to Jason Isaacs


How I Built This with Guy Raaaz (that’s how he says it!) - interviews with the founders of businesses.

Also from NPR: Planet Money

99% Invisible - started out about design and architecture but is now so much more. Roman Mars might have the best podcasting voice going.

Chernobyl - from the makers of the series of the same name, a very good companion

I have loads more I like but these are my favourites


I’m addicted to Fortunately with Fi & Jane on BBC Sounds which has a huge back catalogue with a fresh episode every Friday. The Missing Cryptoqueen will stop you ever investing in cryptocurrency. And if I was that sort of person, which of course I’m not, I’d recommend Dear Joan & Jericha and My Dad Wrote a Porno. (All right, I am that sort of person. And they’re both so funny.)


One of my favourite podcasts is In our Time - an incredible range of fascinating topics https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b006qykl/episodes/downloads


Another recommendation for 99% Invisible.

I also like:

and, most of all