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Your favourite grapes when it comes to fizz

You can’t retreat to the kitchen without telling us your top fizzy grape(s)!!!


This should be interesting.

Anyone for Spatburgunder and Riesling :rofl:

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I’ll throw Chenin Blanc into the mix - makes very good sparkling wine. Often with Chardonnay and Cabernet Franc. Typically found in the Loire Cremants, with Champagne quality but not the marketing spin and associated price hikes.

Many excellent champagne houses have properities in the Loire, not least Gratien & Meyer (Alfred Gratien) or Langlois Chateau (Bollinger)

Grabs coat and runs for the hills… heretic!


I will let folks into a secret. Sainsbury own label Blanc de Noir is sensational after three years plus in the cellar and can be bought for Cremant prices occasionally if you combine enough vouchers and offers on top of a 25% off six bottles promotion. My record about five years ago was just a tad under £7 a bottle. :heart_eyes:


Hear, hear! :clap:

As does Riesling, in my (admittedly humble) opinion.


Mauzac pretty good, too, but this is not the sparkling thread

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I’m so impressionable, been forced to indulge in a mid-week glass of cava.

I love blanc de noirs champagne. Second choice would be Chenin blends. Then cava. Then anything else. Except Prosecco, I have some standards!


Three things I have learnt from buying from the Wine Society (having received a membership as a Christmas present last year)

  1. I have enjoyed wine for years but never paid it the attention it deserves
  2. I am extremely suggestible and will add things to my basket based on anyone’s say so on this forum
  3. I need to work towards buying a house with a cellar / cellar like room suitable for storing vast quantities of wine

And a sneaky 4… paying attention to what you are drinking is hugely pleasurable and the TWS taste events (on this forum) are a great way of concentrating on what is in your glass for an hour!


I think @leah is praying for a Riesling Sekt in her WSET blind tasting, otherwise I cannot see how she can identify a blind tasted fizz as Sekt…

Spatburgunder is the German name for Pinot Noir, so it’s common in the worlds fizz.

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Considering the high acidity of Riesling (which, like Chenin, can make any style of wine) and its flavour profile I am not sure there should be much surprise that it can make some excellent, long lived, sparking wines. The Riesling Sekt I tried over the years have confirmed it (to me, at least! :grinning:). Some Cremant d’Alsace also use it, of course.

Which was the joke of course :wink:

I did!

I think Chenin makes a great fizz. It’s got the richness when young that you don’t get in young Champagne, that is, it doesn’t have rasping acidity while being dry.

Remember, Champagne’s appellation laws decided on those three Pinot grapes in the 19030’s for the most pragmatic reasons. Firstly, they were in the majority of plantings because they were the Burgundy grapes allowed in the area, and they were the most productive (which is the reason they were most planted.)

But our children/grandchildren might wee be drinking Champagne made form other varieties as the appellation authorities are experimenting with varieties suitable for a warmer climate - which is kind of weird as they made fizz because the region was to cold to make still wine, so a warmer climate may make a better fizz from those Pino varieties.

If I want a fizz from those three Pino varieties, then I go to Champagne. I like my Cava to taste like Cava, and deplore the increasing use of Chardonnay, I like Cava because it’s not Champagne. Mauzac also.

Unfortunately South Africa traditionally made fizz (MCC) is increasingly made from those three Pinot varieties and awards increasingly given to those most like Champagne. A recent move to restrict the MCC classification to fizz made only from those three was fortunately not agreed, but the threat remains.


Sorry, I didn’t get it. :frowning_face:

also Furmint and Harslevelu make good sparkling wine, none gets out from Hungary though


You need to arrange a great escape

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Fizzy Albarino/Alvarinho is also a delight (Soalheiro make a good one), and Altesse/Molette blend from Savoie is a fantastic, if less known, fizz.

Bit of a thread drift, sorry… :grimacing:

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Confirmation that I’m not very good at jokes…I’ll stick to drinking wine! :joy:

I second that.


Riesling Sekts are good and it seems that just about every Weingut in Germany makes a house sekt. Next time I hit upon an exceptional one, I’ll post about it here on the TWS.

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Or you could post here , I’m currently after some decent “Sekt” :wink::wink: