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Your favourite gin?

Cardamom or I’m assured by Mrs A that raspberry is fantastic.

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Both WITH rhubarb??

Maybe I should just add the completed rhubarb gin to @Herbster’s toffee apple vodka??


No one or the other.

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Lemongrass may work??

Custard - Vanilla pod?

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Good call…:smile:

Try cardamom or cumin. Bit different but quite a revelation when combined in a crumble. Not sure it will quite work in a gin but maybe worth a shot.

Someone mentioned Rhubarb and Custard: Nelsons Distillery already make one using vanilla to give a custard like taste.

Rhubarb & Custard Gin

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Definitely orange, as I know that one works already! (You need to get some of the grated rind in there as that’s where the orange oil is). But some of the other suggestions sound well worth exploring. Expect to have to do some small-scale trial batches to get the balance right!

Awful thing to have to do :joy:

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You could always try a gin school where you make your own. We did and managed to create a pretty nice gin with floral and spicy notes suggestive of Moroccan flavours. Even better they make repeat batches for us so that we can continue to drink our own gin!

Still Tanqueray and tonic…ice and lemon/lime


Tanqueray has to be up there with the best at the value end of the market. Especially when I can get the “Imported” 47.3% at £14 a litre in Duty Free!

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Garden Tiger from Capreolus Distillery. Properly niche but amazingly complex.

Just tried Berry Bros No3 (currently on offer in Waitrose).

Really nice gin. Very recommended!


My absolute favourite is Inverroche which is a small distillery in Stilbaai in South Africa. It is flavoured using local fynbos as botanicals. They make 3 gins, one of which is aged. My favourite is “Verdant”. The smell of fynbos reminds me of home. It is special stuff.


the other week was poured a Gordons (export strength) with Waitrose tonic at 1:3 ratio … I beg anyone to beat that as a G&T

i’m a big gin fan but i’m finding a lot of these ‘craft’ and others are moving so far away from gin that they are in reality “flavoured spirit”

I’m going back to basics !


Totally agree with you about these so-called “craft” gins.
Gin should predominantly taste of juniper. All of these flavoured ones like rhubard and ginger or parma violets are not Gin in my opinion. Too sweet and not refreshing like a great G&T should be. I wish they were labelled as to what they are - flavoured vodka. But then Gin is ‘on-trend’ so that would probably damage sales.

I know it’s been mentioned previously by many but Tanqueray No. 10 gets my vote every single time. Plymouth & BBR No.3 very good also.

Of the craft one’s we’ve had (and that is quite a few) only Cotswolds gets a tick of approval. Being non-chill filtered seems to do the trick. Honourable mention to Monkey 47 but think it is over priced.


If you want Juniper, I would recommend Forest Gin from Macclesfield. It’s more expensive than other gins as it’s made in small batches and isn’t available easily.

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3 good gins there ! Plymouth Navy strength is v.good !

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What’s your favourite tonic might be a better question. Unless one always uses the same tonic (and the same amount of lemon, ice etc) I find it difficult to tell them apart.