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Your favourite gin?



White Martini for me!


Unbeknownst to me, my wife has for the last year been using small amounts of my nice bottle of this to clean her wedding and engagement rings :grimacing:

Consequently, I now need to get myself some gin and I’ve spotted that this is available at what appears to be a ludicrously good price:

Has anybody tried it? Any thoughts?


Not tried it but this made me laugh out loud :rofl::rofl:


I can only imagine how that conversation went! :rofl:


I love The Society’s Gin! This is such a good price because we’ve since updated the label so we’re discounting to clear any stock with the old label. Didn’t know we still had any of these - might grab a bottle myself! My wedding ring could do with a good polish… :wink:

Here’s the new label (in the regular sized bottles):


Should be okay for the rings…


Ha! Excellent! :grin:
I’ll send her to Gin Lane for repentance.


It had crossed my mind that, at this price, I can happily (well, sort of) afford to lose the occasional measure for cleaning purposes, if the gin is good for drinking too…


Just be grateful she wasn’t pouring back into the bottle afterwards! :nauseated_face:


A counter-top gin, eh?
Good idea. Well, that’s the kitchen sorted then.

But what about the dining room?
…the drawing room?
…the front hall?
…the butler’s pantry?
…the gunroom?
…the ice-house?
…the estate office?

Come on TWS, get your act together and let’s have the rest of the range.


Sounds like my gaff :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Still TT for me…the ideal pick me up just before you fall down.
That is after bowling 10 consecutive 8 ball overs in the heat of Barbados !!!
TANQUERAY and tonic with lemon and lime…stop drinking when you can’t get any more fruit in the hi-ball glass ! :flushed::smirk::smirk:


Anybody tried this?
A bit late, but I’ve just bought it for a female friend who likes Gin as a Christmas gift.
Unlike her, I have a complete aversion to Juniper!:open_mouth:
So some words of wisdom would be appreciated.


Thanks :wink:


Yes, I still have some. I like it, it’s quite aromatic, but less interesting than I thought it might be. It’s a great gift - a good gin and a lovely box/bottle.


I’ve just been given a load of rhubarb like last year and have already started the rhubarb gin development . Thanks again @JayKay for that recipe, but I have so much rhubarb im looking for other “stuff” I can put in to make a flavoured gin along with the Rhubarb. I’m just awaiting a couple more kilners from Amazon so I thought the obvious one was rhubarb and ginger but what else goes with rhubarb?? Maybe mint?? I’m not sure… Anyone any thoughts??


Custard :rofl::rofl:


Orange is always a nice match.


That’s not a bad idea…… custard sweets??


Just received my bottle today from crowdfunding of a local distillery. Like the bottle.:+1:


Also toffee is quite good with rhubarb.