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Your favourite gin?



Someone who is selling me some wine on another forum is also selling a range of Gins. I have picked Cotswolds which is mentioned on here. The other one is called Siblings- anyone tried it?


Got to be TANQUERAY…

Last weekend I went to a 6Oth birthday do…I was in GIN heaven…
Double measure TANQUERAY, fever tree tonic, ice and lemon or lime £3 !!!


£3?!! Where is this place?


Mere Brow Village Hall…:innocent::wine_glass::rose:


When I was in my teens my Mum and Dad ran a pub in Preston town centre. They only stocked Gordons, a brand of Genever the name of which I don’t recall, and Booths ( not the regional supermarkets own brand)

Does anyone recall this one, I presume it is no longer bottled. It was by far the best seller of the three.


No longer made !!!


Some years ago my father-in-law worked as an area manager for Hardy and Hanson, a Nottinghamshire brewery, now closed. Gordons was the preferred gin and the one customers would get in a pub if they asked for a ‘gin and tonic’.

When, in 1992, the alcoholic strength of Gordons was reduced to 37.5% the MD of H&H was so incensed he ordered that Gordons be removed from all H&H pubs to be replaced by Booth’s.


As with wine, I find time, place and company help shape my favourite spirits. On that basis my choice would have to be Xoriguer. It brings back so many wonderful memories of family holidays in Menorca. Love the big juniper hit too.

The fact it is based on grape spirit (rather than grain) should make it a “must stock” for TWS. Please…


I finally got around to buying and trying The Society’s London Dry (with Fevertree Light tonic) and ooh it’s nice isn’t it?! Fresh and quite ‘green’ but nice and spicy too🍸


I enjoy a Monkey 47 and/or Bathtub Navy Strength if pushing the boat out, otherwise a perfect everyday gin is Tanquaray (I may have miss pelt that).


I just love the products from this family…who started Tyrell’s crisps.
There is now quite a range…but this one!!! Brill.


If anyone finds themselves in Reigate then The Roe Deer https://www.theroedeer.com/ has a great gin selection! I was there visiting over the bank holiday and had a Tanqueray Rangpur with Fentimans Mediterranean Orange Tonic garnished with orange peel, lemon peel and lime zest :heart_eyes:

Also a fun gin fact that I learnt when I went to a tour and tasting at Pickering’s Gin in Edinburgh; it was only in 2009 that Parliament repealed the part of the Gin Act put in place in the 18th century that said manufacturers had to distill in at least an 1800ltr capacity! So it’s no wonder there’s been such a gin resurgence!


I love the Lakes Gin. For anyone going to the Lake District, a shout out for the Brantwood Hotel in Stainton near Penrith

Food is good rather than great, the wine list is ho hum but their array of gins is impressive. They always have a good beer from the Hesket Brewery on tap too. They are very friendly.


I’ve always got Lakes Gin in the house, we see a LOT of it in the North East probably due to proximity. It’s in most of the local bars and restaurants here. I’ve just picked up another one of these in Ireland, but its available on Amazon and most good Gin establishments now:

Also picked a bottle of this up:

Haven’t tried this one yet, so will report back :relaxed:


TANQUERAY…unequalled !:innocent::point_left:


I’ve got 4.5 litres of TANQUERAY …:flushed:


Due to an incident in my spotty youth, the smell and taste of Gin is a total horror story!


Ditto… Tequila #shudder# :nauseated_face:


I had the same reaction after downing half a bottle of bells in a supermarket carpark. Thankfully 10 years later I attended a single malt tasting and my eyes were opened once more.



I’m not a great spirits drinker so I look for something slightly ‘out of the box’