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Your favourite gin?



Seeing as everyone is a Gin fan here, I wondered if anyone has any Rhubarb gin recipes?? I’ve acquired a large amount of rhubarb and OBVIOUSLY my first thought was of gin :wink::grimacing:!


I make plum gin with tiny plums from our garden. Just plums, sugar and gin in a kilner. I assumed the same principle would apply for rhubarb and indeed it does


Once you have your rhubarb gin, do try a flavoured gin fizz cocktail. I tend to use sloe gin but I’m sure rhubarb would work just as well.

Just a shot of sloe gin in a champagne flute topped up with your sparkling wine of choice. Makes a lovely summer/BBQ aperitif.


I love sloegin, it’s great with Pimms too. But I’ve never tried it with a sparkling wine ! Thanks I’ll give it a go :wink:. Thanks for recipe @JayKay.


These are AMAZING - but I always forget there’s a shot of gin in there as well as Champagne and can drink too many too quickly, so be warned… :grimacing:


I can attest to that!
My other half got totally hooked on this cocktail at a party recently. He was so happy and giggly -and even joined in the dancing - so I knew something was up!! It is delicious, though! :yum:


What’s not to like :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I mentioned this in the Wine Fair topic I think, but I forgot to add my new fave to this topic!

LOVELY G&T gin, really vibrant with a great cardamom character.

Also, anyone else here a fan of elderflower gin? And if so, have you ever made it yourself?


I also know it is not the weekend, but here I am savouring a Dutch gin. It is junipery, but the lingering salinity just blows one’s mind. The bartender looked at me in disbelief when I ordered a neat shot, even though I told him I want to know how it really tastes.


Inspired by @tom and @OEGr Bourbon collections, I thought I’d have a look to see what Gins I had in … More than I thought :rofl:


Nice collection… the David head bottle is just wrong :wink: … What is the one in the long necked bottle?


Its Dannish, called Kongsgaard Raw Gin


Awesome! I need to expand my gin range, my current five pale into insignificance:

Have you tried Ragnarok? Disclaimer: it’s my cousin’s gin. But I do think it makes a great martini.


@tom , oh no I haven’t … is this it ?


That’s the one. I helped a little when they were finalising the profile. Has an interesting lingonberry note.


I’m definitely trying it now , because clearly I don’t have enough Gin :rofl:




Isle of Harris Gin
Almost a sipping gin, serve with a small measure of fever tree tonic and a piece of grapefruit and ice of course


Finally getting a chance to sample this - currently out for dinner and having it as a predinner tipple! It’s so fresh and lovely. Thanks for the recommendation - might buy a bottle so I can have the lovely design brightening up my drinks cabinet. :slight_smile:


Hogarthian scenes in Newcastle if all that lot gets drunk in one go…