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Your favourite gin?



Sorry, DrEm, Blackwoods is not from Shetland. That was the idea originally, but is now distilled and compounded somewhere in the Midlands. Yes, it has Shetland botanicals added. The only (legal) distillery currently in Shetland is Saxa Vord. https://shop.shetlandreel.com/collections/shetland-reel-gin/products/shetland-reel-original-gin-new-bottle


Don’t forget the Botanist - a fine wine gin in a beautiful bottle from Bruichladdich on Islay. Scotland home of great gin not just whisky.


Recommend Botanist (from Islay, and the saviour of Bruichladdich); and Bobby’s, direct from Holland (https://bobbysdrygin.com) - I don’t know of a UK stockist but it’s worth finding.


Down here in Kent I think the gin to try is Copper Rivet made at the Chatham dockyard. you serve it with pink grapefruit. Another thought if anyone is in north Kent. Check out the micro pub called the Admiral’s Arm in Queenborough on the Isle of Sheppey. They have 40 different gins available and are all served how the manufacturer dictates they should be served. Not to mention the hand pulled real ales in this very busy micropub


Cotswolds London Dry Gin every time. A multi-award winner - including World’s Best London Dry Gin - for very good reason. Distilled from locally grown barley with locally sourced botanicals, including lavender and bay. Deliciously herbal and @ 46%, just right. Not chill filtered, so nothing is lost before bottling. Their whisky, which recently came of age, is also top-notch for a mere three-year-old. The Wine Soc should stock both.


While I am sceptical of labels such as “World’s Best London Dry Gin”, this surely sounds like something to try. I think sense of place is important and I am also partial to higher strength. I can see Waitrose is stocking it.


The distillery’s worth a visit too. All very charming and with some special one-off batches, like rose gin, on sale. An overnight stay in Shipston-on-Stour is always very pleasant; I recommend The Old Bakery.


For a martini, I like Ragnarok:



I will put that on the bucket list, thanks.


I’ve been on a bit of a gin adventure since this thread began by daring myself to order different G&Ts when out to find out what I liked and so far I’ve settled on a fave of Bloom Gin with elderflower tonic so quite floral but with a couple of slices of lime to sharpen it up a little. I also recently had a gorgeous Orange and Ginger G&T made with Tanquery No. 10 and Mediterranean Tonic at Tuttons in Covent Garden. I’ve no plans to stop this very serious endeavour so hopefully will get through some of the other suggestions in the thread soon!


I’m not a fan of the flavoured gins but my favourite London style gin must be from East Lothian, North Berwick’s NB gin.


Something discovered this year - if you ever see any bergamots (a sort of greeny-yellow skinned small orange) then buy one immediately. A slice of bergamot in a G&T leaves lemons and limes trailing in a distant cloud of dust. They are pretty rare in the shops but they are about for a few weeks towards the end of the year.

On the gins, I think I have two favourites- BBR’s No3, as suggested by @clint_oxford, and “Star of Bombay” from Bombay Sapphire.

There are two which are a little odd if you try them on their own but really come into their own when mixed with tonic. They are Silent Pool


and Twisted Nose, which has watercress amongst its botanicals.

But there are so many these days, and my liver is already fully booked by wine!


We were given a bottle of this Harris gin as a Christmas gift by my brother and sister in law. We are enjoying it but did not like at all the suggestion of pink grapefruit slice instead of lime or lemon. It gave the drink a very earthy flavour that we found reduced our enjoyment.


Got to second Silent Pool which I think is excellent, and just down the road.

I also enjoy Brecon Botanicals which seems often to be available for less than £20 so very good value.

Brecon Botanicals Gin Review, Tasting Notes & Garnishes - The Gin Guide
https://www.theginguide.com › brecon-b…

But I’m not a big gin drinker.


Sometimes the automatic editing on this tablet is so annoying! Why did “very good value” change to “sisterhood value”? And take several tries to change back to very good!


Oh my goodness !! Harris Gin is AMAZING !! Cool bottle too , I’ve just purchased a btl for the OH for when he gets back from offshore :smirk:


Today we got to taste Silent Pool and Twisted Nose gins at a Hampshire Farmers Market. Both very tasty, the Twisted Nose with its peppery note of watercress being our favourite of the two. The Silent Pool was very smooth and also very good but you’ve got to make a choice of which to buy somehow when you are on bikes and only a small rucksack with other stuff to go in it!


Six months later, I finally got a chance to try Whittakers as well - it is RIGHT up my street! :heart_eyes: Really herby and not too fruity. A new permanent member of my drinks cabinet.

Also really excited about the sound (and the look! Stunningly pretty bottle!) of Silent Pool as per @JayKay @Ghost-of-Mr-Tallis and @Andy999 - looks like they do it at Waitrose, and it’s currently on offer!


Might pop in on my way home…


I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. They pointed out the honey stall (Mrs Bees) also at the market whose honey they add to give a hint of sweetness to the gin. It was on sale for £37 at the market so the Waitrose special price is good and also interesting to see their mark up of £2:50 on the bottle price from the supplier.


Hope you buy and enjoy the Silent Pool!