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Your favourite gin?



This genever in question was an aged Zuidam. Nice in lemonade but very different stuff to London Dry!


Oops the Caorunn is gone but look an unopened Salcombe :see_no_evil:

I fear my gin collection is getting out of control ! Probably because I don’t drink enough of what I buy :thinking:


Open it NOW it’s fantastic!


I’ve never had one either, but prompted by this post I had a look and can see that Bathtub gin does a cask-aged version, and as it’s one of my faves I’m sorely tempted to buy a bottle… which ones were you looking at?

Also, my current favourite gin is… LAVA GIN! Which you can’t get anywhere I’m afraid, because I made it myself on a gin-making day at Southwold Distillery. I used lots of cardamom, orange peel, and some other spicy notes (I can’t remember!) plus sage, and it’s a gorgeous dry and spicy gin in exactly the kind of style I like. Named after the surname of the friend that bought me the experience (quite handy her last name is Lava!) Highly recommend the experience if anyone hasn’t tried it!


I vaguely remember you saying about your suffolk trip and am pleased you did the Gin making.
This was my bottle that now houses 2013 home made Sloe Gin.
My Gin was heavy on Cardamom, pepper and Cinnamon from that area of India.


I LOVE sloe gin !! Unfortunately I’m too far north to avail of the wild sloes to make my own :fearful:


I like this and have bought for my Dad coz I can touch up the label to read “Old Ray’s Gin”
I also like gins from Shetland (Blackwoods) and Orkney
The Frech Saffron Gin is very tasty and looks stunning.


I’ve had an unfinished bottle of that gin in the cupboard for about 20 years.


Makes a rather nice lamp.


Too far north?

I regularly pick them on one of my salmon fishing beats in the back end if the fishing is a bit slow…or is that sloe?

Just south of me, and probably on about the same latitude as Newcastle. I make sloe gin and vodka. Prefer vodka as you get more of the sloe flavour in a more neutral spirit. With gin it tends to fight the juniper a bit.


totally! Did you see the thread that @Laura linked to in her comment above - have you done anything like that you can share?


Yes it’s the blackthorn bush ! Supposedly they don’t grow north of Durham but there is a large bush which grows in Jesmond dene park which is stripped bare before it’s even ripe ! They’re literally no where else here . Believe me I’ve looked … maybe it’s due to the coastal nature of Newcastle too , who knows :roll_eyes:


They certainly grow well in a couple of sheltered river valleys up here, but they are not that common. We are probably a bit milder here. I don’t broadcast the locations…


Broadcast BROADCAST!!! :joy:


Eat your heart out you Piemontesi and your truffle pigs … we’ve got secret Northern Blackthorn bushes only known to a society of sloe priests!


Haha this made me laugh :joy:


Plymouth. I’m a traditional guy and this is my gin. It is juniperey but that is what I have liked since the 1960s


If I told you I’d have to kill you…or more accurately the ghillie would kill me!


… would he do it sloe-ly ?



Your coat is on the same peg as mine Robert!