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Your favourite gin?



I have now actually tried the Japanese gin I mentioned earlier, it is wonderfully pure with a yuzu peel coming to the fore


vinoonline.es has it for 22 euros - on a case of 6 you have to load about 50 euros in tax and delivery, so an effective price of about £25 per bottle once you’ve got it into the UK.

As six bottlse seems excessive, I usually mix it with the Ron Diplomático 12 Años Reserva Exclusiva rum that they also sell which is a delight to drink neat - smooth and with great caramel flavours.


Maybe the wine society should organise a spirits tasting? Bring it to Oxford :slight_smile:

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If you like the Seaweed one then I’d recommend Isle of Harris gin which is infused with local sugar kelp - certainly has that mineral quality. They even sell sugar kelp bitters alongside to pep it up!.

When I’m done experimenting and want a simpler gin I always come back to Tanqueray 10 - it’s just so well balanced and works in anything from a G&T to the fanciest gin cocktail.


Berry Bros No 3 Gin is a longstanding favourite - https://www.bbr.com/products-951927-no-3-london-dry-gin-uk-customers-only - along with, of course, Hendricks.


Oooh, now this sounds VERY up my street! And look at that gorgeous bottle:

In fact, it’s inspired me to start a new topic about bottle design

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Monkey 47
Tanqueray Export strength

The first two for American dry martini coupled with Dolin’s Chambery and then Beefeater for g and t and cocktails.

For pink gin I use Plymouth Gin

I like Hendrick’s, Sipsmith, Rives black label and Martin Miller’s also

I keep all gins in the ice box so as not to have to use ice and dillution.


Completely agree on Plymouth in a pink gin - Navy strength or standard? Beefeater is good in a G&T, especially the “24” edition.

Personally I see a little dilution as part of the drink - whether in a martini or a G&T, but I do use chilled tonic, and lots of ice to limit it… then drink it quick :slight_smile:


Saw a fun “Christmas Jumper” yesterday that some on this thread might enjoy:


I am very partial to this:


One of my brothers just sent me this and where to buy it ! :thinking::woman_shrugging:I’m not really sure why :grimacing: @robert_mcintosh


There’s a gin problem … not enough room for any more :grimacing:


RummaGIN in that cupboard could get damaGIN


Your talents are clearly wasted at TWS :joy:


Looks like you need a party with a gin bar. A friend’s 50th birthday provided such a feast of different gins with their recommended accompaniments but they eventually ran out of tonic, not gin! It was at this point that Winston Churchill’s recipe for martinis came in handy - cold gin, in a shaker with ice, shaken whilst looking at the vermouth bottle, then poured.


I quite like Caorunn, but current favourite has to be Salcombe, which I found via TWS Gin Club.

Apparently we ‘don’t need so many’ gins (or whiskies) - who knew? :man_shrugging:


I just got an email from Master of Malt about cask aged gins, and I realised I’d never had one. Has anyone tried them? Worth adding to my trolley?


Yes I’ve had one and I’ve also had aged genever. I’m not too sure about the aged gins, maybe because I’ve not found a use for them. They don’t act the same in a normal gin cocktail or G&T.


Ah! Bols Genever in that odd brown bottle, with its own special place in the side of the freezer so a glass of, what I could honestly only describe as “molten ice” (yes, I know!), could be poured into the shot glass

I remember that when I was growing up :slight_smile: