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Your favourite gin?



My favourite and the one that often gets most votes at our gin tastings is Gin Mare. Made in Spain with arbequina olives it’s smooth, a little quirky and great with Fever Tree Mediterranean , and of course garnished with a couple of olives. No good of course if you don’t like olives!


Silent Pool is a favourite, and also love Monkey 47, just back from a trip to Belfast and friend recommended Jawbox - just bought a bottle of Pinkster, but not opened it yet!


Do you hide books in your drinks cabinet, or do you hide drinks in your bookshelves? :smile:


Books and Gin (or wine) are natural companions!


@ColinBurbidge Thanks for the reminder about this one - I have heard a few people mention this. And I LOVE olives so it sounds right up my street.

Ooh, what’s it like, Elaine? I’ve seen this one before and love the label :heart_eyes:but don’t know what it tastes like? I hope you love Pinkster - it’s fabulous with a raspberry and some well-slapped mint leaves!


We have a delicious gin made here in Lancashire (Burnley) called Batch Gin. One of the botanicals used is Frankinsence… very Christmassy.


I do love a G & T…Tanqueray + Sssssh tonic, lemon slice and ice…in my book the best shandy ever invented. Far too easily consumed in glutton like quantities…I’ve only tried one of the new wave gins…can’t recall the name, but it was powered by rhubarb…very good too !


Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions about sloe gin…?


I have made my own reasonably often, and it can be a rather comforting winter drink. My favourite was made with bullace , a bigger and less astringent berry than sloe. Several recipes are to be had on the net, and one of our German supermarkets sell a reasonable example…


Sloe Gin: Sipsmith - hard to stop sipping.
Gin: Durham - lots of flavour.


Hi Laura

Brighton Gin is a great summer gin with built in milk thistle! I also love Whittakers (which is the autumn gin club gin), Norfolk gin - packed with cardamon.

Enjoy, and thanks for your suggestions, love the idea of Bathtub gin!

Kind regards


Ever tried Frogs lip gin? http://frogslipgin.com/ - If doesn’t actually contain frog lips and is one of the few I enjoy.


Continuing my evangelising for Brockmans … how about this as a bit of clever marketing & promotion!?

(we need more lifts like these in our lives)

EDIT: after a bit of quick detective work, I found the location of this lift … in case anyone is in SE London and needs a quick drink :wink:


@Richard Sipsmith fan here too!


Tried this last night. Ordered it because its from Yorkshire, has a hare on the label, and one of the botanicals is bog myrtle.

Whomever said they don’t like sweet gin, it might not be for you. It’s fragrant though and made an interesting negroni.


WE have a membership to the Craft gin Club, itsgreat for trying new and different gins you wouldn’t ordinarily get the opportunity to try.
I also quite enjoy the flavoured Gins from Poetic Licence who are based around 4 miles from where we live.
But the favourites at the moment are these:



:heart_eyes: Now THAT sounds gorgeous. I’m going to look up where to buy a bottle of this and drink it in December. Christmassy gin, who knew?!

Oh yes, I’ve made this before and maybe I should try again - although thanks for the tip about the supermarket one! I do love a Sloe Gin Fizz (sloe gin in any everyday sparkler like Prosecco or Cava) - it’s a nice warming winter ‘cocktail’ - the only problem is you can easily be fooled into thinking you can drink more than one, and they do pack a punch…!

Eeee, now this is speaking to me. I love cardamom and I LOVE Norfolk, it’s my happy place. Will definitely pick up a bottle before my next holiday there in spring.[quote=“CliffordAlls, post:32, topic:489, full:true”]
Ever tried Frogs lip gin? http://frogslipgin.com/ - If doesn’t actually contain frog lips and is one of the few I enjoy.

I’ve never even heard of this - although bizarrely I have heard of another brand on their website, the Todka toffee vodka (which is a bit lovely!) so this will go on my list too… Any tips on what it tastes like? What flavours stand out?

@Leah I love the Craft Gin Club guys - I keep meaning to sign up because I probably would like most of the gins they send out. I know they’ve featured a few of my faves before. Is the Gunpowder gin as smoky as the name suggests?! :smile: Sounds very interesting…


I was about to recommend Batch but Colin beat me to it. A very ethical company too - local ingredients, returnable bottles (in return for a £5 voucher) etc.


Gin Nordes is a lovely Galician gin with light botanicals (not too junipery or citrus). Nice with some cardamom or bay leaf rather than lemon.

Not too pricey either - I got it off one of those import sites for about £22 per 70cl bottle (and about £20 postage on a case).


Ooh, this sounds delightful! Just had a look and I’ve found it on The Whisky Exchange:

A bit pricier than you got it for, but gave me a chance to see how stunning the label is!

We’ve had a few Spanish gins recommended on this topic now - anyone tried anything from Italy or Portugal? Or even further afield?! :smiley: