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Your favourite gin?



I can’t quite believe we haven’t started a gin discussion yet! :scream: The horror!

As it happens, I’m currently looking to build my collection, and I’d love to hear some recommendations for gins I may not have tried.

My gin tastes are pretty specific - I am not a fan of typical juniper-led or overly citrussy gins, or gins that seem almost ‘sweet’ in character. And I’m more of a G&T girl than a martini girl. I tend towards aromatic, spice-packed gins, such as:

  1. Warner Edwards
    Good enough to sip over ice as well as in a G&T - with very warm ginger and coriander notes.

  2. Bathtub gin
    Again, almost savoury, and perfumed, with cardamom and cloves giving it a hint of spicy warmth and dryness.

  3. Da Mhile Seaweeed Gin
    Stunning mineral, coastal gin with more delicious cardamom heat.

  4. Hendricks
    I know it’s a big brand but it’s fresh and elegant if I don’t have anything a bit more interesting available.

Can anyone please recommend other, similar (or just amazing in their own right) gins I might like please? :smiley: :cocktail:

Quirky, beautiful bottle designs (and uses once empty!)

A couple of nice ones not on the WS list from my neck of the woods:

http://www.bristoldrygin.com/ This is from the Rummer Pub in St Nick’s covered market in Bristol the 55% Docker’s Strength is lovely stuff!

The Brecon Botanicals is particularly nice and not too expensive, from the Penderyn Welsh Whiskey people.


I almost never drink gin (there’s too much wine in the world to also find time for spirits in my book) … but a friend introduced me to this lovely bottle, and I have been known to mix a cheeky G&T on occasion with it … with a slice of pink grapefruit skin and a blueberry or two as directed


No.3 London dry gin

Sweet (sorry, Laura) but I find it smooth, traditional but naturally fragrant :slight_smile:



Try some Tanqueray if you haven’t already.


My current favourite is this one from Sipsmith.

I also enjoy Hendricks from the large brands… Andrew at my local wine shop suggested I try some Japanese gin they stock, might do… the Japanese are wonderful craftsmen, expecting purity of flavours, will report back on it.

OFF TOPIC - I know I might be opening a can of worms here, but what is your view on Gin to Tonic ratio? I prefer 1:1 as I feel any more tonic overpowers all but the most junipery gins.


amusing typo (I see it is fixed, but it needed to be celebrated)


Train went into a tunnel…


I just clicked the link and immediately saw the tasting note suggests ‘hints of spicy cinnamon’ - SOLD!!! :heart_eyes: Thank you, Nick!

@robert_mcintosh - I will give this a try too! I love gins that have not-your-average garnish recommendations - and I love grapefruit as a gin garnish so this sounds right up my street.

@clint_oxford Haha, thanks! Not for me, but my husband likes this one!

@M1tch - People keep telling me this and I didn’t believe them… maybe I’ll put it on my Christmas list!

@szaki1974 Thanks! Haven’t had Sipsmith in ages so maybe I’ll give it another try.
To answer:

:scream: 1:1! Haha, wow - I’m not that brave. I do wholeheartedly trust in 1:2 gin to tonic though, as long as the tonic is diet and nice and understated. But then I tend to drink quite full-flavoured, not-too-junipery gins so maybe with the more traditional-styled ones a 1:1 is best…?

Dare I ask what you all think of the lemon vs lime garnish debate? In my family, you’d get disowned for serving a G&T with lemon, but I know of others who swear by lemon over lime…


I’ve never really liked gin (likely down to having shots of a cheap supermarket own brand at a teenage NYE party; it was quite traumatic… :disappointed:) but this thread has been very informative of the different styles on offer so I think I’ll have to have myself a little tasting session and get on the gin-wagon!

I don’t know if this is allowed to be in the same vein as “proper” gin but we had a bottle of this Sloe gin up in the office a while ago which was really nice, especially with bitter lemon. I’d say it would be a nice evening tipple now that it’s getting a bit more autumnal! :fallen_leaf::maple_leaf::fallen_leaf:


Rob would be proud of you, Rob! :wink:


After a holiday in Menorca several years ago, we’ve not been able to look elsewhere than mahon xoriguer gin. It has such a strong juniper (or is it the wood fire that it is distilled over?) flavour that anything else seems a bit wussy

The British held Menorca for a while in its history and, obviously, made sure there was gin on hand. It has been made there ever since.

Sadly not available via wine society yet, but here’s hoping.

More info: http://theginisin.com/gin-reviews/xoriguer-mahon-gin/


One of my favourites is Monkey 47 which is from the Black Forest https://www.monkey47.com/
When I first tried it, it was served with a Japanese tonic called Wilkinson and some juniper berries and it was divine! (Quite pricey though…!)


Having clicked through to take a look, that is definitely the quirkiest bottle of gin I’ve ever seen! Sounds interesting though and seems around £22ish from UK stockists so it may be one I give a try. It’s available here:

Yes! I’d forgotten this, but my husband Sam and I tried it at a tasting a few years ago and we loved it. Sam in particular is quite taken with it so it might be a bottle to have in our collection. Well, maybe just a 50cl…!

Another one I’d forgotten is Pinkster - it’s produced here in Hertfordshire! Its pink flavour comes from the fact one of the botanicals used to flavour it is raspberry - rather than being raspberry gin, it’s just regular gin with subtle fruity hints. Very nice with mint as a garnish. Again, not a Society-stocked gin but it’s around £30-35 ish, for instance from here:


Hi Laura,

Try ordering from uvinum - £11.55 a bottle. Although you sort of have to order quite a bit (of this or other items) to make it worthwhile due to the delivery charges.


I got given a bottle of Xoriguer as a present a few years back. It’s still in my rack - may have to bring it in for a staff tasting!


Hope it goes ok. Let us know!


I detest the taste of grapefruit and abhor the smell of juniper, the latter goes back to an incident in my spotty youth. Aversion therapy is alive and well and most certainly resides in a portion of my grey matter. Spirits, maybe twice a year and then only Cognac or Armagnac. As an aside, an honorary “uncle” plied me (not in a creepy way) with an Italian product called Cynar on visits to Switzerland , it was his favourite tipple and he wanted me to have a chance to appreciate it
In his company that did not happen but some years later, in Geneva on a “bridge” over the Rhône with a female friend I decided to have my first authentic pizza. I chose to try Cynar once again in memory of my late, departed uncle; and Yes, the eureka moment finally arrived and I “got it!!” It is aromatic and quite bitter, derived, I think from artichokes, I cannot imagine anyone liking it the first or even tenth sampling; but when you do get it; it will enter ones lexicon of aperitifs as a valued alternative to my undrinkable G&T!!


I have … consumed, rather than loved, Cynar. I grew up in Italy for a while and although I was too young to indulge at the time, it became part of our family’s drinks universe.

Personally I prefer the Campari style drinks for bitterness (viz Aperol Spritz) or to enjoy other styles of ‘herbal’ digestivi such as Averna or Ramazzotti instead (bottles of these disappear mysteriously fast in this house, while the Cynar in the cabinet has several layers of dust I suspect)


I lived in Switzerland for four years in the '80s. Cynar (artichoke-derived bitter, as you say), Rivella (milk-based fizzy drink, Cénovis (Swiss Marmite equivalent) all fondly remembered. Gentian eau-de-vie less so, likely because of an incident similar to what caused your juniper aversion… except I was older and should have known better!