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Your favourite English Pinot Noir

Yes, when I called to confirm that the 2018 vintage listed was still available, they mentioned they would shortly move on to the 2019s. Not many more 2018s left if anyone else is interested.

2018 and 2019 were not bad vintages but for future reference, do be aware that 2020 was awful in most of East Anglia and 2021 had its problems as well. So if you like this wine buy up last of 2018 and get 2019.

PS Although I work in an east Anglian vineyard I have no connection at all with Danbury Ridge.

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We are fans of the Flint pinot noir and the pink Charmat. The pinot noir does need time to open up but the chairman is delicious from the off. A glass of strawberries and cream may not be ideal at this time of year, but in summer its a winner.


Probably not what you’re looking for but I’d have to say this (or the 2018 anyway):

@CCouzens I thought the Furleigh White PN was very good when I had one in the summer.

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Not tried it, but good review on wine anorak for Lyme Bay PN just added

I really enjoyed Tillingham’s unoaked pinot, I wrote on another thread here " delicious - delicate strawberry fruit and a peppery spiciness that made me think of canary island reds. Expensive though… "

We enjoyed a 100% Pinot noir rosé from Gusborne last night, picked up at a visit to the winery in summer. Startlingly beautiful Alaskan salmon colour and full of bright strawberry flavour, it held its own against a chicken curry.


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