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Your favourite English Pinot Noir

I asked members to say which English still pinot noirs were their favourites. It is interesting that very few posters have actually focussed on that point but instead talked about sparkling wines,white wines and just generally about competitions, and other topics.

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Very interesting, in fact I’d say quite revealing


Sorry for continued thread drift @Andrew1990:face_with_hand_over_mouth:

There was a good discussion on English Fizz last year and I recall you being bearish on them then too @lapin_rouge.

How many more have you tried since then, out of curiosity? They’ve come a long way in the last couple of decades imho, but that is my subjective opinion, so you’re entitled to disagree.

I keep trying new ones though, and being equally impressed by them as I am by the many champagnes I regularly throat.

@Peterm won’t necessarily agree :wink:, but if you like Bacchus, Chapel Down do a lovely Sodastream version.

I’m certainly disappointed TWS doesn’t carry more ESW, but believe there are numerous reasons for this that don’t simply resolve around whether they are good or gooder than champagne or other bubble varieties. Perhaps @Freddy might care to pile in with some edification.

I’m also not sold on the various awards that are just another revenue stream for publishing and events companies, but as long as people pay attention to them I suspect they will prevail…

Anyway, I agree with @Ghost-of-Mr-Tallis that Gusbourne do a reasonably quaffable still PN, but again just my opinion… :shushing_face:

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Plenty of good ones out there but often far too expensive and quite simply, they can be extremely challenging to sell. @horsleym is the England Buyer now so may have plans I don’t know about!


I’ve gone back over my posts and revised them - as you say, this is about English red wines, not UK fizz !

Here are a few positive and personal recommendations @Andrew1990 - all of which I’ve enjoyed greatly and have repurchased.

Some may not be the cheapest, but I equally feel I’m supporting a fledgling industry and 2018 was a superb vintage which warrants exploring.

Also, on the latter recommendation, try finding a good quality, keenly priced Fruhburgunder outside of Germany…not many :frowning:


I have been wary of English pinot, but I have found myself pleasantly surprised on a few occasions.

The flint offering was decent; I had some at a tasting a while back, but I think it was their pink fizz I was most impressed by. A lot for a charmat, but the end result was very pleasant.

In terms of enjoyment I rate the Simpson’s 2018 Barham court offering. I don’t know that it wins any awards for value, but it was made in a very approachable style and it provided more pleasure than many sub £20 pinot I have tried.

Ooh! I’m definitely going to have to give the Simpson’s one a go! I thoroughly enjoyed their Chardonnay, and their blanc de noirs single varietal still Pinot Meunier - which was unique.

I love the tips one picks in this community! :clap::clap:

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I was disappointed with Simpsons to be honest, I tried it last summer and remember thinking it was rather pricey for the quality, hope I was just unlucky but not one I’d return to quickly unfortunately.

I think they did more than one, but maybe it was just different labels.

The one I had was far more youthful and easy going than I anticipated. A definite cola note and went down far too easy. This wasn’t a burgundy imitator, but then if it was I would have been disappointed. It definitely wasn’t particularly serious, and I can see why people wouldn’t pay the premium.

I did have a bottle of the newly released 2019 Flint Pinot Noir Précoce on Friday whilst watching WineGB eastern region instagram interviews. Wine very tight when opened with slight bitterness on finish but after couple of hours it opened up with good structure and plenty of fruit. Good long finish. I still have some Gusbourne Pinot Noir which I will try again soon. I will try and get some Simpsons.


I tried a Simpsons Pinot Noir yesterday as part of a Naked Wines deal that was so unique. The nose was overwhelmingly clove. Like a Christmas orange studded with them. Fragrant and striking. Definitely one I won’t forget…

Although I have seen a negative view here on the Davenport Diamond Fields Pinot Noir, we had this at a (pre-COVID) tasting and were very impressed. It was dark and had a fabulous perfume. It had a fairly high acidity, but was very far from the simple sweet fruit juice that it might have been. It’s not cheap, but when is good Pinot Noir cheap?

I tried the 2018 Danbury Ridge PN from the recent Peter & Susie case and must say I am very impressed. The aroma is definitely gorgeous, the taste is also commendable with the slightest bitter edge (morello cherry pith?) at the end that is a bit of a marmite thing, I definitely enjoyed it. Maybe no need to wait 20 more years…


That’s good to know. I’m going to a English wine tasting on Saturday and was planning to bring a couple of those with me (courtesy of Noel Young). Thought it might be a bit young, but you’ve put my mind at ease.


nice perfumed fruit is what you get now… need to wait longer for the earthy flavours… you also need to be a friend of acidity, which might be an acquired thing, but I am definitely one


Thanks. Acidity no problem for me. I’ve got the Susie and Peter case in reserves, so that one can wait. I suspect my friends at the wine tasting will not consider waiting.

Have to see what we all think.

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If there are quality issues with the first bottle opened, I have an address where you can dispose of any remaining bottles free of charge.


I have not had Danbury Ridge but 2018 was a pretty good year for English wine as I recall. Also 13.5% is high alcohol for an English red. That tends to indicate not just good ripe fruit but also a bit of body to it.


That’s very generous of you. The things members of this community will do to help each other never ceases to amaze me :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: