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You must try *that* wine if you get a chance


Hi all,

Everyone on here has had a varied experience in different regions and I thought it might be interesting for everyone to list a ‘holy grail’ wine - eg a wine they have tasted and knew it was that wine. Interested to see if we can build up a list of wines you must try in case another member is lucky enough to come across a bottle of it or its in a tasting machine etc.

For me its a 1990 Paul Jaboulet Aine Hermitage La Chapelle, if you ever get a chance to try it go for it!

Rules are:

Only a single choice of wine
Any wine type
Any region
Any price point
You have tasted it


Ramonet chassagne Montrachet 1er cru Morgeots 2002 - it was astoundingly good - defies description - left my brother and I speachless one Xmas. Sadly the second bottle was so badly premoxed that it would probably go down as my worst wine experience. Still never forget that first bottle and I’m not much of a white wine drinker.


Domaine Comte Georges de Vogüé’s Chambolle-Musigny Premier Cru 2001. It’s a declassified (in this case young vines) Musigny.

The glass was on the kitchen countertop when I opened the bottle and poured, and the aroma leapt up at me, even though I was standing above it. And it just kept getting better, right to the last drop.

It made me feel most unworthy.


Mine is neither very old nor particularly illustrious, but it certainly stopped me in my tracks - it was a Domaines Schlumberger 2011 Spiegel Grand Cru Pinot Gris. I couldn’t believe that insipid old Pinot Grigio could taste like this! Smoky, spicy and lush - but well balanced, vibrant and powerful. It cemented my love affair with Alsace. Affordable, too. :ok_hand:


Ridge Geyserville 2008 in magnum. Tasted in 2017. Incredibly fruit-driven, well integrated soft tannins, the length just went on and on, and really showed the benefit of cellaring. Made me see the point of expensive (mostly) zinfandel.

The same wine at 4 or 5 years old still had too much of everything.


The wine that stopped me in my tracks was in 2000 when I drank the 1995 Leuwin Estate Art Series Chardonnay.
It was so complex and like no other wine I had before. I still try to buy a bottle of the latest vintage every year and have one in my wine rack at the moment.


Its GOT to be Stags Leap Fay, I tasted the 2011 and have 1 bottle for a special occasion. But it was sooo smooth and so balanced with beautiful flavours , almost cherry violet but so elegant.




Like you, been there & throated the best part of a bottle for a fiver!! At an Oddbins tasting.
On the back of that I purchased a 12 bottle case, which I still have in cellar.
It is a quite extraordinary bottle and a monument and tribute to the late Gerard Jaboulet!!


So lucky! I tasted the 1990 last year I think, it was still fresh and had some many layers of complexity, it just kept changing as you tasted, really was something quite special.


Chateau Cos D’Estournel 1982. Simply my favourite wine from an amazing vintage. I love GPL and Leoville Barton too but the Cos has an extra dimension. Almost as exotic as the Chateau itself…


First tasted 2004 at Novotel nr Chiswick roundabout…simply the smoothest velvety Syrah I have ever sampled…garrigue herbs, tobacco, cedar wood with the longest peppery finish ever…


Chateaux d’Yquem after an Enoteca Pinchiorri dinner in Florence in 2010. Fantastic! Unfortunately not yet been able to repeat either of those.


Trimbach Cuvée Frederick Emile, 1998 - tasted this year. Unlike anything else I’ve tried and was just singing. Stunning


Cheval Blanc 1985. Had it three times, the first at a tasting the other two full bottles each shared with one other person. I’ve had more ‘impressive ‘ bottles but none as perfect.


There is no one wine “holy grail” for me which makes me a bit of a fraud on here, but, it was the red wine that showed what it was all about to a fairly young novice wine drinker, most of us still are, I was browsing in a wine merchants in Bayswater and saw this bottle on a clearance rack, the mind boggles, not knowing much about it other than it was a very good year in Burgundy I purchased it on a whim.
I have no recollection as to the cost but it would not have been much as I was simply browsing in my lunch hour and if it had cost a lot I would have remembered.
The wine was a 1966 Armand Rousseau Chambertin - Clos de Beze, I got lucky as it was the first good Burgundy I purchased and it opened my eyes to what Burgundy could be, so I never forgot it, my love of Burgundy sadly soon dwindled as I started to buy it after that bottle with ever infuriating disasters and simply poor wine at ever exhorbitant prices, a similar event happened with Barolo, both wines can be divine but finding them is fraught with disappointment and an empty bank account.
Nonetheless this wine was a milestone for me, looking for information on an old vintage like that is not easy, the only reference I could find was in Michael Broadbents, who else, Great Vintage Wine Book, where he says of the straight Chambertin from the same producer that year ‘Rousseau and his Chambertin at their best, good colour glorious bouquet a wine of great power and character’ the Clos de Beze is a softer wine but I would expect it to be well thought of.
In Wine Searcher the only reference was to a NY retailer who had a bottle at over £4000 ridiculous in the extreme for something I purchased from a clearance rack and showing how and why top Burgundy is for the very wealthy now.
As I said this was not the greatesty , best, wine I have ever had but it was a Milestone, I almost certainly drank it far to early probably ten to twelve years after the vintage, but it was awhile back, there are no photos of the '66 so a more modern vintage will have to suffice.