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You don't look a gift horse in the mouth, but


We attended my son’s primary school summer fete over the weekend. He was given some money to spend while I did my shift looking after the book & toy sale stand.

He (like all kids) gets the gambling bug, so spent a fair amount of it buying tickets at the tombola stand. This was largely from donated bottles (could be anything from soap to champagne).

He came back twice to tell me, proudly, he had won something, but since it was wine I had to go and collect it.

So, for his £4 of tickets, I became the proud (?) owner of these fine bottles to add to my collection. Now, the only question is … to drink, store for a rainy day or something else?



Roll on winter…


Mulled wine goes well with very spicy BBQ sausages…think Christmas market in Oz.


Stick with tradition, and donate them straight back into the next tombola. Are there any years on those bottles? They may have made the return journey once or twice already…!


Washing your paint brushes?


The mulled wine could make a good poaching liquid for pears etc come autumn. And the Muscadet would work well in lots of recipes, particularly something like moules marinieres.


I’m with @Herbster on this :rofl:! It’s not really a true tombola prize unless they’ve been “in the system” for at least a few fêtes :rofl::rofl:! Although my Aunt in law has on many occasions donated the Volnay 1erCrú from her husbands collection :scream::scream::scream:.


“I’ll have thirty tickets, please. Yes … yes thirty, three-zero, thank you…”


One of my other half’s colleagues had won a Nuits-Saint-Georges in a school raffle last week. She was reluctant to open it - cause apparently the last time she won a wine in a school raffle it was more vinegar than wine. I said I’d buy it off her for a nominal price, but an answer there came none…:thinking:


Thirty tickets ?? :rofl::rofl::rofl:ALL the tickets …!! ALL THE TICKETS PLEASE :rofl:!!


On a similar trend, I had a client, some thirty plus years ago, who’s husband actually owned a merchant bank, on a return visit to the property in Kensington I was amazed to see her bringing out bin bags, I asked what was going on and she told me she had thrown him out for being a naughty boy, his exercise bike had been left in the kerb for collection and was attracting the attention of a traffic warden much to the delight of the builders opposite and the bin bags of his clothes were going to the sally army, I digress, when inside she told me that she had donated a few cases of his burgundy to the Brompton hospital fete for the tombola, as she said he was always buying the stuff and you could not move in the cellar so it wouldn’t be missed.
They did make amends…