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Year End Bin Ends


Does anyone else look forward to a bumper crop of Year End Bin Ends?

Is this a formal event or just ad-hoc? Am I making it up out of desparation? Any insights from TWS staff?

Anyway I’m going mad with impatience and keeping my fingers crossed (and sitting on them) that some of my coveted Wish List items will find their way into the Bin Ends pages some time very soon…

As a way of a hint here is what TWS surely must reduce to clear in the interests of my sanity:

Surely that’s a reasonable expectation?


We do have a clearance at the end of each year to clear out bin ends for the New Year, and there is a nicely varied crop coming out very soon with some very tempting prices.

I’m sorry to say that it doesn’t look like your ‘Wild’ dream is looking to become a reality at this stage, but hopefully some of KJ’s other wines may be able to soften the blow.

The clearance/bin-end page is up year round so is worth checking out regularly.


The suspense is killing me…thanks for making it worse however


Ha… I’ve also been scouring it over the past few days to see if there’s been any updates or additions … I’m waiting with baited breath :grimacing:


The ‘Mystery Burgundy Cases’ of a few years ago were always interesting. What happened to them?


I was going to say I drunk them, but in fact I still have a few aging gently.


“The bin-end page has been removed temporarily whilst we prepare for The Society’s January Clearance. Check back from the afternoon of the 22nd December, when we will be reinstating this page with a number of new additions.”

The tension mounts…


I’m in New Zealand, so I should see the clearance wines 13 hours before those in the UK. That’s how it works, right?


Looks like the bin ends are up on the site- decisions, decisions. What have people gone for?

The mixed 2009/2010 Bordeaux was too good for me to pass up!


I was lucky enough to secure this before it sold out:

A very merry Christmas!


Case of TWS champagne - works out around £21 a bottle and you will NOT get better at twice the price. Just saying…


Another two that are worth considering from the Fine Bine Ends. I have only had good experiences with Prophet’s Rock.


There are a couple of wine in the list from BROC - I’ve not had either of these, but I absolutely loved a Cab Franc he made some years ago - delicious, fresh, zippy and not at all the image of overblown Californian winemaking we used to assume

I’ve ordered a couple of the bottles of the Zinfandel (not brave or rich enough to buy a case) so hope the delight is repeated


Had this recently and its straight back in my basket again. My partner loved its subtle charms! Great value now at the lower price.


Thanks for the recommendation, I’ve been looking at this and wondered so it’s going on my basket too now :+1:


Just saved a fortune :wink:

Thanks for the Broc recommendation @robert_mcintosh I went for the Zin as well

And to @cgoldin I’m looking forward to trying Grosset’s Alea

Also gone for a von Kesselstatt auslese and a Kooyong Chard

Anyone see this little oddity, a German PN Rose??


Yes, was in my pre Christmas order, sadly… :slight_smile:


If you like that wine the 2017 releases are in this offer


Have you tried it yet? I’ve also got some .


Not yet :grinning: