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Xanadu 2021

Just received my case of Xanadu Margaret River Cab/Petit Verdot. Cannot see any reference to where it was bottled (usually shown on the label) just a selected and shipped statement by TWS.
I suspect this level of coyness indicates perhaps an EB wine, or is it? Can anyone explain the lack of clarity?

Obviously at the foot of Mt Abora close to where the River Alph flows into a sunless sea!


Can we have a picture of the back label please?

It claims to be a Bordeaux blend but in fact it also includes small percentages of honeydew and milk of paradise.


The Back label has no relevant information other than imported by TWS and their address.
2021 special selection wine of Australia from Margaret River
Bottled in lightweight glass with the environment in mind
Contains sulphites blah blah etc 14% alcohol and some drink aware bumf!

Not even a bottling code in Uk or a bottled in WA etc.

Why so vague?

I think this is all that is required now if not EB.
So think the lack of UK bottling code means it would have been bottled at source.


I think this is all that is required now if not EB.

I think you’re right - the relevant page on gov.uk is here: