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WSET Level 2 - Advice sought please


I’m doing the ‘Day Release’ option which is 9 full days each semester at WSET in London and includes tutored tastings and theory. Is that what you mean, like how it’s structured?


Yes that is interesting :blush: though ‘day release’ sounds more like you committed crimes against wine :joy:

Chapeau for enrolling though!


(And @catherine)

Mr Laura is starting either in Feb or May I think too - and I think @Rosie is starting it in the next month or so ! So you can all support each other through it! - maybe we should start a topic here for you all to compare notes/stress levels?! :smiley: I personally couldn’t bear to do it - hats off to the lot of you.


L2 is a good start. I started there then moved into L3. And that’s where I stopped as an enthusiast. I did learn a lot more from talking to winemakers and visiting wineries all over the planet though. That was priceless.