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WSET Level 2 - Advice sought please


Agree. L3 is a big step up from L2. But it’s all great and if you knuckle down and learn the stuff its fine.

I learnt loads on L3 - but I’m not doing the Diploma, now that would be time consuming!


Same here! Hoping to do L3 this year, but that’s as far as I’m planning to take it. To my mind the Diploma would be much more useful to someone working in the trade. As an ‘enthusiast’ I feel my time and money would be better spent on attending tasting events, not to mention the plethora of information I can access on this forum! :slight_smile:


I’ve got my L3 in may at the Yorkshire wine school and really looking forward to it. I’ve got bags more confidence and awareness now I’ve been to so many tastings and got a bit more experience.

I’m very intrigued with the extra depth and of course the tasting notes done blind! :grimacing:


Or indeed buying wine in a more informed way :smiley:


The two are very much connected! :smiley:


Ahhh the blind tasting.

Everyone worries about that - me included. But in the end once you’d got the format it was straightforward.

We had a NZ SB and an aged Bordeaux. The taste profiles are very different, one young and for early drinking the other - not.

You’ll taste so much wine it will become second nature. The theory is the hard part!


To late in life to be taking courses in wine, but I was intrigued to see if there was anywhere here that did the courses, there is but not on the doorstep so to speak and level 3 is £750 is that right ?


Yeah, that’s a pretty standard fee everywhere I think. For that price you get 30+ hours of classroom, tuition, the study materials and the samples. We didn’t have anything earth-shattering to taste, but had a few £20+ wines.


Sussex Wine School charges £695 for Level 3 (and you get a £50 discount if you also did Level 2 through them). Cheap it ain’t :wink:


Just under £2K for each semester of the WSETdip :see_no_evil:


Just think of all the wine you could buy for that! :smiling_imp::blush:


It isn’t cheap, no, but to me you’re paying for someone’s time and that time is valuable. I believe I got VFM (£650 I think for L3).

The wines we tasted, from across the world, were extraordinary - and I got to taste TWS Hermitage 2010 :grin:


A bottle each of 2015 Rousseau Clos St Jacques and Cazetiers…


Would I be able to tell the difference though…


I think you win here! We had a Tokaji Aszu that was mighty fine and probably the best wine on the course. The mature Martinborough PN that we had for the blind tasting in the exam was excellent too.

I think I got value for money at £695 as well to be fair!


I’m starting the diploma next Tuesday and say goodbye to life for the next 2 years…


Best of luck Catherine. It is very challenging but very rewarding. I loved every moment of my time on the Diploma course.


I’m supppsed to be starting end of Feb :flushed:! :scream:


Good luck! :four_leaf_clover: :clinking_glasses:


Yes but if you’re going to bury head in books let it at least be about wine!! How does the practical vs academic side work?