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WS deliveries

Is that a new name for driver? :slight_smile:

The guy who does our route varies it a bit as the ‘ahem’ algorithm isn’t always that bright…he asked me for advice on which order to do his next three drops in last time, and best route. I suggested something better to avoid traffic.


OK, maybe I will take the gamble. I wouldn’t tend to meet the delivery person anyway as they mostly just drop with reception, who give me a call to say I have a package (“more wine!”)

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TWS vans don’t deliver down my way so I’m stuck with DHL or FedEx. Two out of the last three deliveries have been smashed. No contact from the carrier; they just don’t turn up and when you track it, it simply says contact the sender! Crap service. As @MarkC noted previously they can’t be trusted with reserves! I had a mixed case of EP white burgundy smashed so there is no way I’m trusting them with anything else from reserves. With the most recent one this week I just cancelled the order and had the two wines for Thursday’s tasting sent up so I would be interested to know if TWS got any of the unbroken bottles back. :confused:


That’s a shame. Does it come via Fedex Motherwell too? Clearly the mainstream carriers don’t have a good track record with wine, alternatively and bluntly put, it’s being nicked.

Sounds like we should maybe be asking TWS for answers to these questions? It’s not good for us, or for them, if carriers repeatedly do this. Getting a refund isn’t much use if the wines themselves can’t be replaced.


there was something on twitter yesterday about a FedEx delivery that had …be prepared…gone wrong !

obviously we are only looking at a limited part of the TWS membership but…the price FedEx are charging must be significantly lower than others if TWS can keep refunding for damaged / lost delivieries

Would be interesting to know what does go on in the back office if a delivery is damaged / lost

I agree - but if it’s that cheap, isn’t it better paying a little more for something better? As I’ve noted, the cost itself isn’t everything. WS will replace it at cost, but I’ve got more than one EP wine which is worth a lot more than cost on the open market. However, it also means that you may not be able to get that wine replaced, which is more significant for many.

I appreciate that this isn’t a ‘scientific’ sample, but it would be good to know how the WS measure and review the performance of carriers, and what the breakage rate is across the board, and do they get these damaged packages returned? Otherwise, one can start thinking that they literally fell off the back of a lorry…into someone’s car boot. @laura is this something that can be followed up?


totally agree - sometimes people can 'know the cost of everything and the value of nothing".

as you say, replacing at cost is - for most EP - not going to help you replace the wine :frowning:

Absolutely. I’m on it. :+1: :smiley:

While I get a proper response from our Distribution guys, here’s a couple of things:

  1. I totally get that there’s been some very justified frustration re: deliveries here (and I share that frustration! It’s happened to me too… :frowning: Although not with wine) but you’d be surprised just how high the success rates are with carriers. I’ll try and get some stats on this.
  2. We definitely monitor breakage rates, so I’ll try and get some info on how we go about this.
  3. We don’t choose our carriers by who’s cheapest! We’re after the best possible service. It’s also quite a limited pool of carriers that’ll agree to deliver wine, precisely because of the high breakage risk, unfortunately.
  4. Lastly, and most importantly, @JD1892 - are you in contact with Member Services about the shoddy service you’ve had? I think they should be taking this further with the couriers - we can’t have you stranded with no way of getting your wine delivered because you’ve lost faith in the carriers!

I’ll get back to you on the rest of this once I’ve managed to chat with the Distribution team. :slight_smile:


Goodness, that was quick! And appreciated…it also for me anyway, makes the WS own delivery service really stand out in so many ways, and is a real positive service differentiator which should be valued…

I also understand that we are discussing and highlighting exceptions here, but it would be good to know how big the problem is, and how it is managed. Some of the above carriers may ‘agree’ to deliver wine, whether they succeed or not is clearly a moot point! I’d be particularly keen to know if TWS insist on evidence of ‘breakages’, either via returns, or photos.


I agree Mark. Not sure if it’s Motherwell but there is a fair chance. I’ve never had an issue in 20 odd years with TWS deliveries but from other posts it doesn’t look promising. Members Services did say that in the whole scheme of things the number of damaged deliveries is not high but that they are getting more feedback about it.

@laura I appreciate your concern and yes members services were great and gave me some alternative couriers for EP deliveries. Happy that my wine for tonight arrived on time :+1:

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I live in Norfolk, just twelve miles from Norwich, so it’s not exactly the back of beyond …

I assumed that third party carriers were my only choice? When I book the delivery slot, is there some tip or trick, to see if the Society van is available to make the delivery? Am I missing something here?

When I place an order I get a screen with available slots which includes Wine Society van options (almost always Friday morning which I assume is when the WS delivery van route includes south Lincs).

I love the TWS delivery service. The three drivers over the last couple of years have been outstanding.
I miss the van being in TWS livery, but understand why that happens. The new app the drivers have to use does seem an unecessary addition, I guess performance managers just love having more “data”. Gotta love them!


OK, thanks. I’ll have to look a bit harder at that screen when I next order, which will be next week or so.

I did order a case, and delivery by carrier was the only option. So I scheduled a delivery for today. I only just received an email from fedex, at 8:28, that the shipment was out for delivery and would be delivered sometime between now and 18:00.

This is not really very useful. The problem is, fedex seem inconsistent. I’m pretty sure that usually, by 8:30, they’ve sent me an email with an estimated time of delivery.

I live in a building where I have to buzz them in, so really I need to know an ETA. (They’ve previously managed to get in, presumably by buzzing neighbors, but it’s not something I can really rely on.)

That’s a monstrous delivery window. Sorry to rub it in your face, but incomparable to service from TWS.

I’ve been refreshing this page since I woke up!

Poor Bub has got a serious stalker this morning. Just got to see whether there are any local members in the immediate vicinity (apart from the one reprobate I’m all too aware of).



Fedex only tell you that it will come before 6pm. And then it doesn’t…and they don’t tell you. And then it doesn’t even come at all…because they have smashed it… or nicked it. And they don’t bother telling you that either. You have got to contact TWS, who then have to contact Fedex, more than once.

I will always go for the WS van in future, even if it means waiting 3 weeks for it. The new tracker is good isn’t it?


Right! I’m going to buy a house down the street from you, then I can get the good delivery service too!

I’m still sitting at home, two hours after the initial fedex email, and the tracker hasn’t updated and I’ve heard no more. It’s a lovely sunny day, so I’m going out, even if it means fedex have to take the wine back to their depot…

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Corrected that for you.

Even when they did manage to deliver wine to me intact, it was late both times. 7pm once, and following day the other time. No explanation no apology.

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