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WS deliveries

I don’t think they need to. I’ve never heard a wrong or bad word from anyone on this topic regarding tws own vans and drivers. I also don’t think they can be held solely responsible for the actions of others, ie: Fed ex… God help us all if they defaulted to DHL.

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I always prefer and choose TWS own van (thank you, Chris) over any carrier. Honest, punctual and helpful.

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Same here, in South Somerset. Maybe some regional delivery teams are significantly worse than others.

Is FedEx always the 3rd party shipper used by TWS?

Whoever it is, I have used them quite a lot for deliveries in Manchester, and I too have had only positive experiences. The TWS man is great too, but I appreciate the additional delivery dates made possible through FedEx (or whoever)

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I tend to use the quickest / most convenient courier and have had few problems

The most useful delivery has been a click and collect to a Weymouth newsagents this summer when we went camping and ran out of space in the car.

I have found click and collect can be the quickest way to get wine delivered sometimes.

Fedex have been a problem with non wine deliveries for me here and for wine, I’ve had two bad experiences out of three deliveries. First one was a day late and no explanation, but smashing the whole case takes it to a new level. Doubly annoying as most of what I got in this case was interesting bin ends in the New Year sale, and many of them are now out of stock. WS called me today to advise that another one wasn’t in stock, so that was 4 out of 7…

Maybe it’s just the local Fedex depot here.

Many years ago (~50 years ago) as a student I worked as a temporary Christmas delivery postman. In the sorting office it was not unknown for parcels which obviously contained bottles of wine/sherry/spirits to be deliberately ‘dropped’ to break the bottle and the contents filtered out through the packing into a suitable container and then to be enjoyed by the sorting office workers! I am sure that such practices do not happen now in the Royal Mail.


I don’t actually know what courier tws use when delivering to me as all almost all couriers, when delivering to the Highlands, hand over to a local delivery company, resulting in an extra day for delivery. The guy who always delivers to me is excellent but any problems I’ve had have always been down to the first company. I think tws told me last time I had non delivery because of broken bottles that it was fedex. Sadly I have no other choices here.

Got an email and text bright and early today from Fedex telling me that my delivery of 12 broken bottles was coming before 6pm today! Needless to say it never arrived. According to their ‘tracking’ it’s still out there on the van…just waiting to fall off the back of it. You couldn’t make it up…Fedex, what a bunch of useless farts!

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I’ve got an order coming during half term. It was scheduled for courier delivery, but on the back of your posts in this thread I rang up this afternoon and switched to my friendly TWS driver.

I doubt it would be routed through Motherwell, but you just don’t get the same accountability with 3rd party delivery options.

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I did get a replacement case - well not really replacement as half the wines had sold out by then - delivered by WS van on time first thing on Monday morning.

I really have no idea what Fedex are on about, probably just their crap system. If I get any more 6.30am texts I’ll tell them where to put the broken bottles…although all the numbers and emails are ‘do not reply’, i.e. we really don’t want to hear from you customers…

I would be very worried if your deliveries went via Motherwell…

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I ordered for Fedex delivery last Friday, when it hadn’t turned up I queried yesterday with Member Services who had no idea where it had gone (not their fault) so sent a replacement case immediately, which arrived less than 24 hours later. Hope they get the parcel returned.

Unfortunately I can’t use the WS van as there’s no way to guarantee they won’t arrive before or after my office is open.

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It would be interesting to know what the ‘failure’ rate with various external carriers is, and what costs TWS incur from this.

I was under the impression that the damaged case of mine which Fedex broke was being returned to TWS. Until today…however, I now suspect it’s just their cr@p software.

Although I can’t fault TWS in any way, it was very disappointing not to get 4 of the wines I originally ordered which were out of stock as the original order date was over a month beforehand - I asked for a late delivery date as I was away a couple of times in Jan, and even then there were no options for a WS delivery van during Jan at all. If I’d known, I would have called up and asked for the first available WS van date…certainly won’t be trusting my Reserves withdrawals with any of the Fedex cowboys.

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My TWS delivery today came via DHL and I think this is the second time I have had DHL. After problems every time with the TWS service I opted for a carrier at the earliest opportunity. Usually it is FedEx and they give an excellent service including getting a receipt signature. I always feel there is something suspicious when I am not asked for a signature as with DHL and the TWS driver.

I think it is FedEx covering their backsides and not trusting their drivers, rather than suspicious behaviour on the part of other carriers. Though I doubt what legal weight my scrawl on an electronic device would carry.

Might be worth having a chat with the driver? It might turn out that due to the geography of his delivery route there is little chance he would deliver out of office hours, even if he can’t give a 100% guarantee.

I noticed our TWS van delivers in quite a wide area across the city, while The Big Players drive from the depot to somewhere very close to us and spend the day delivering in local streets.

I raised with member services and they said it’s set up by an algorithm on the day, so can’t be sure of the route and timings in advance…


If you can get your drivers number that is useful. Mine always texts me and I let him know if I’ll be in or not , but I’ve now just takin to sending him a text in the morning if I know categorically I need to be elsewhere and he will make the effort to change his route to ensure I can take the delivery . He’s so flexible .


It never ever resembles my actual signature :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Quite. I’m sure many drivers are in practice helpful in ways that member services could never guarantee.

Apart from them being nice people, they would probably prefer other shippers not to take their jobs, and it is a lot easier for them if someone is in to take the delivery. It doesn’t hurt to ask - politely of course.