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WS deliveries

Indoor kids cricket coaching tonight, so I will probably be a in different kind of pain :rofl::rofl:.

So no wine :frowning_face: tonight anyway. Meetings every night this week til Friday so a fairly abstemious week.

I had to attend a Chinese restaurant at lunch time today with 32 small 4-5 year olds to learn about Chinese new year so I raise you… that was painful and couldn’t end fast enough :joy:


Tell them they’ll end up minced in the Dim Sum if they don’t behave!


I had a recent delivery when Fedex chose not to deliver on the delivery date, only a day later. They did not let me know, had to talk to Member Services to find out. they were extremely helpful with the investigation.

The two times I have had a FedEx WS delivery they failed to deliver on the designated day. The first time they said they had left a note, but they had not and anyway someone was in all day.

I always try to have my deliveries made by the WS own van now. I have never had a problem with them.

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I asked if I could get one of the wines which is now out of stock if it was undamaged, and got an email back promptly from WS an hour ago as follows:

"Unfortunately, they advise that all twelve bottles were smashed as the case fell from a conveyor belt… "

must have been some height for all 12 to smash.

I have requested the replacement case via WS van…two experiences with FedEx, both bad. I hope that Fedex bear the cost of this not WS given the above admission.

I guess I should consider myself lucky FedEx don’t deliver up my way (but then neither do the WS vans!).

Apologies for sounding cynical, but this sounds like utter bollocks to me! I take it WS did not get the ‘totally smashed’ case back? I reckon someone is enjoying some lovely wine as we speak.

Either that, or I lost faith in the world.

Edit: and like you, I REALLY hope WS doesn’t have to pay for the damage, real or otherwise.


I was going to say the exact same thing. Absolute horseshit.

I know I’m cynical but if I was in TWS logistics I’d be tempted to ask for photographic evidence and the smashed case back with all broken bottles.

I wonder how often this happens…


I can’t believe all this suspicion. I definitely saw the case fall off the belt and by some miracle land right in the boot of a car parked just there. I didn’t check the bottles because the driver said he’d get rid of them himself. How considerate!


This thought crossed my cynical mind too…I didn’t want to prejudice any others here though…

I think that the WS are getting it back from the wording of the reply I got. However, in Motherwell they favour wine made by monks so probably not them…

Oooh what’s that ? The smell of bullshit!

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sorry to hear that Mark. i had a similar experience before Christmas. Fedex simply lost the package. No idea how that happened but, as with you, it meant certain wines were then sold out. WS does a very good job as putting things right but i feel they should end their relationship with Fedex given so many people have experienced similar “lost” packages.


I have indicated in my reply to TWS that they should have a serious look at that relationship. I have had deliveries via other carriers who are a lot better.


Hmm… A recent delivery via DHL was minus six bottles (case) of Italian white. Replacement arranged for delivery by FedEx, but apparently this didnt even make it to FedEx ! W.S. very helpful etc. but were going to query (!) Despatch Dept. So Society van to the rescue. Didnt realise Nosiola was so popular…!!

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Or that I could change font so randomly!.


It’s because you used a backtick instead of a ’ so the text inside the two backticks changed to Preformatted text


Funny you mention Nosiola! It’s our planned wine for tomorrow night! I didn’t know TWS stocked it?!

I think the problem is many courier companies treat their employees like dirt to be honest, with high stress low wage jobs. Unsurprising that the service to customers suffers. The contrast with W/S van deliveries couldn’t be bigger.

I’ve had a couple of deliveries go missing or get “broken” myself and if possible I wait till I can be in on a day the W/S van is in the area.


WS surprisingly quiet on this thread. I think they should put their point of view as to the level of service of delivery they provide. I have had no problems with FedEx down here in Devon. Perhaps we can get a WS van on a national tour.