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WS deliveries

Bless them, they’ve done it!

This could easily be x-posted in Snowmageggon, In Praise Of… And Community Sampler Case!!


those bottles look rather chilled - I’d open the beers first :wink:


What a lovely selection!

Is that the Society’s red Burgundy? Love the way how the description goes out of its way to not sell it on the website. Would be interested in your experience.

On deliveries, the only breakage I’ve had was a courier - so this along with the tighter delivery window from the WS van means I will always wait for a WS delivery. On the WS Bourgogne I think the description is very honest and artfully gets the message across that this is not going to please anyone looking for a basic red burgundy if they are Burg lovers. The quality is basically impossible for a tenner.

Yes that’s the wine. They’ve changed the description over the years because the wine has sparked HUGE debate in the comments - well before people even left many comments.

It is a very basic wine, but I do like a lighter style of Pinot Noir. The 2015 is particularly good for this wine and this bottle is a re-order because of that. I’ve had a couple previous years that I’ve not enjoyed so much.

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TWSMan saves the day again


I absolutely love to see what everyone else buys…:heart_eyes:


I i am fortunate that my deliveries always arrive early in the morning.Ewan i think his name is always cheerfull and helpful. Today my delivery was a mix of bottles i have had before and ones i have never had. Its fun viwing the new labels as i pull the bottles out of the box,


Had my first delivery for ages yesterday, having followed up on an Email offer for a NZ sb.
The add ons I ordered were secure in their WS box, but the sb was still in its flimsy bulk packaging with no internal separation and basically falling apart at the glue. With several trans shipments between Stevenage and here, the white cardboard and its glue had obviously been challenged. No breakages…thank goodness.

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whats a NZsb?

New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, I would imagine.

why was the NZsb in flimsy bulk packaging? Why wasnt it in the normal wine box?

TWS will not repack if it is a full case you buy.

New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc

Delivery due today, but Fedex failed to trap…normally go for WS van delivery dates, but wasn’t possible this month…this is second time Fedex have let me down. Fortunately just a case of bargain bin ends from the January sale, so nothing earth shattering if they’ve lost it/broken it, but annoyed to have waited in all day for nothing…

Will follow up tomorrow. Think I will ensure that it’s WS van again for any reserves withdrawals.

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Just been emailed by WS to say that Fedex have damaged the case…and it’s being returned to them…unfortunately three of the wines are now sold out including the Tahbilk Marsanne of course…

I wouldn’t trust Fedex with a bag of sweets…

FedEx are awful. And it’s got to be hard to break them in those WS boxes unless they were really chucking the case about. Sorry to hear :frowning:

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Yes they are. My heart sank when I saw it was with them, and yes, the WS cases are pretty robust. They went to Motherwell depot of Fedex and anything can happen there…and clearly did. Fedex didn’t bother to let me know of the problem, I had to call WS, who had to call Fedex twice I think.

Really annoying as it was a case of some wines that sounded interesting and looked good value at the sale prices. The replacements offered are all at higher price (one at twice the price), but that’s not really the point. I really wanted some more of the Tahbilk.

Will always go for the wee red WS van now. Reliable, friendly and careful. None of which can be said for Fedex. :rage::rage:

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That’s ridiculous!! And extremely frustrating… I hope you can open something nice tonight to relieve the pain.