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WS deliveries


Next to actually opening a bottle and pouring a glass, is there anything more enjoyable than a Wine Society delivery? Especially when the wines have come from your reserves, and your wallet has had sufficient time to forget about it :smile:

Anyone else get a delivery today?


The only time I didn’t collect I was disappointed to get an ordinary courier. What is the point of living near Stevenage if you don’t see a traditional van?


I’m 50/50 courier/TWS van… but then I’m in the north!


I’m even further North (and West), but can still get a WS van if I am prepared to plan my deliveries and wait for it.


Does it make any difference in anyone’s opinion to the integrity of the wine whether it’s a WS van or not?


Yes, TWS van has a shorter delivery window than the courier.


The only time I’ve had really bad service was from a courier. But usually I pick based on soonest convenient day.


I’ve noticed that when a courier is used the wine is dispatched to that courier the day before delivery, but I’ve never worried that this would unduly expose the wine to negative effects. I’ve always assumed TWS care too much about their reputation to use a dodgy courier. But this thread does make me wonder what others think. And I’ve not even raised the issue of the gig economy etc…


Only used a courier once some years ago. Wine left on doorstep which is not our ‘if out’ instruction. Good job we live on a quiet close and on friendly terms with our neighbours! We did report it to TWS at the time and haven’t used a courier since.


Courier broke the entire content of delivery 3 or 4 times (too many to remember). Twice it was the crucial Christmas delivery, both times for the same wine from my reserves which was both times irreplaceable. Second time more irreplaceable than the first (given the year gap). They also attempted to cover up: ‘It came in broken like this’. In a generic brown box with ugly grey tape across it, aha.

The society van is problematic for me: since they ‘don’t do Saturdays’, do I have to take the entire day off from my yearly vocation allowance at work to accommodate the arrival of the ‘proper van’ & greet the driver with a happy smile? I wish I had that many days off in a year…


I’ve had variable service from the courrier but TWS van has only ever been exemplary.

@Alexandra are you in an area that has click and collect locations? That might be your answer. I’ve not used a courrier since C&C has been introduced. Very convenient!


Ouch. That sucks :frowning: I’m lucky to be able to get deliveries at work, although not much help with bigger orders. But if anyone sees someone huffing north on the Victoria line with a ws box, it’s probably me.


My Click & Collect local guy is So Moody & Judgemental that I simply do not dare… I remember once I ordered an online vaping thing that was delivered to him instead of my flat, I wish you could see the expression on his face (‘Ladies do not vape’ lol)


I’ll keep an eye lol


I’m new to TWS so have only had two orders; one by TWS van and one by FedEx. The FedEx order included two boxes, one of which was ok and they broke a bottle in the other.
I rejected the box with the broken bottle and had a replacement with me in two days - it was redelivered on a Saturday morning so I was very pleased with the way it was handled by FedEx and TWS.
I don’t have any reserves (yet) - I wouldn’t have been happy if I’d been in @Alexandra’s shoes


I’ve never had an issue. Deliveries have always been in time, no breakages. The TWS van guy and Fedex delivery chap are both very friendly. My preferred delivery date determines which I go with.

Nope! Got my next one coming on Friday. One bottle each of 12 different wines, 6 of which I’ve never tried before. Can’t wait!


I must say I’ve only ever had fantastic delivery service - TWS and their courier service are literally the only delivery service that put stuff in my ‘safe place’ when I ask them to without fail, every single time. 10/10 from me! Touch wood.


I had an SMS and an email this morning regarding my scheduled delivery today by TWS van. Unable to make it due to weather and will try tomorrow. I really appreciated the heads up - however I suspect it will be harder to deliver to west London tomorrow than today!


Both TWS and FedEx have left my order outside my house in the rain.
The one time TWS have done it my daughter was unexpectedly taken into hospital and I arrived home just before midnight to find the boxes had got soaked and the bottles were rolling round the decking on their sides.
FedEx have done it several times, once actually leaving it on the path at the side of my house for anybody walking by to see. I still can’t believe that wasn’t stolen. I ddon’t live in the sort of area where you can do that and still expect it to be there hours later.


We use FedEx at my place of work as well.

The way it works with us is that FedEx leave a trailer ( not container, so not quite as hot in summer ), we load it til 3pm when they arrive and swap trailers, leaving us an empty one which is swapped over at 8pm.

These trailers are taken straight to the depot and sorted for next day delivery. I can’t imagine this being a problem on anything other than the very hottest of summer days