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WS Bordeaux EP being auctioned


Bidforwine just sent me an email to cheerfully inform me of quite a significant collection of mainly classed growth Bordeaux that they have just listed - its ex-Stevenage provenance being a key feature.


What is the view on this? Fair enough or not really cricket?


I was browsing the same. Wondering whether bid for wine checks provenance before allowing a listing.


Not routinely I dont think. A lot of single bottles look to be sold directly by private collectors. These larger lots are I think an exception.


Did come across this article from the society that, whilst pointing out that it is against society rules to purchase with the specific intention of resale, does provide some pointers for those seeking to auction their reserves


Thanks for the link. Quite handy to have that clarified.


I have probably used the Bid to Wine website for about 10 years, which is probably about the same time I’ve been aTWS member. The current batch of TWS wine is being sold by BFW ex the warehouse they use in Sunbury. This means a member(s) has asked BFW to sell on their behalf.
Often members will manage their own sale on BFW, in which case purchasers who are members can transfer into their own ‘personal reserves’.
BFW provide a useful mechanism for balancing one’s cellar. Since prices are usually 10-20% below retail and there are auction costs (c12.5%) to pay, it is not usually profit making. For anyone considering using BFW, also look at Bacchus Auctions (run by an ex BFW man).
BFW would only be interested in provenance if they are selling the wine. Otherwise it’s peer to peer, caveat emptor. But regular sellers quickly build a visible feedback reputation based on the service they provide.
Hope this further illuminates


I think it’s good to know you can get out of commitment if you need to. I’d be totally heartbroken :sob: if one day I decided to ‘lead a healthy lifestyle’, meaning no to alcohol & yes to brown rice, while so many tasty Pomerol cases of 12 (& some even of 6!) would be approaching maturity in my reserves. You can’t eat brown rice & drink Pomerol, can you?


Yes. The process is:
Take brown rice from packet.
Pour glass of Pomerol.
Throw away rice.
Drink pomerol.


Or… one part brown rice, two part Pomerol, very slow simmer for 30 minutes covered till rice absorbs Pomerol.


Put uncooked brown rice into a glass of Pomerol
Decant for 40 minutes
Slowly dispose of the revolting brown mess into the kitchen sink
Wash hands of brown rice


Yes let rice do the drinking, it won’t mind :slight_smile:


I had a look at the terms of trade but couldn’t see that restriction. Can a staff member help?

[edit - found it - in the Society Rules, para 7.5.]


Thanks all. I can see how circumstances change etc. but I think it reinforces the potential value in a well regulated TWS trading platform which would allow members to recover their outlay without the transactional costs seen here (and keep the wine in WS reserves).


I’ve used BFW myself and see no problem in an honest statement of where it was brought and stored. There is really no check mind you, I’m honest but others have to “look for themselves”.

BFW are under new ownership, so I’m seeing how it goes. In the meantime I’m using another auction site cellartrade.co.uk. It seems more user friendly. I must say I am friends with the owner, but it is a pretty good site.

You very often see Ex TWS cases at traditional auction houses. Not sure if they state that, but I brought a mixed Chateauneuf case which had the same mixture as a recent EP offer and sure enough it came in a TWS box.