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Would you upgrade to a "Reserve" wine

Did he say how it tasted…? :open_mouth:

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Not that I can recall, but he was plagued by heartburn which is possibly not a surprise…

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Sorry, don’t know. I only buy it in restaurants where none of the other reds have winery names I recognise and are thus most likely bulk shipped wines with invented names.

One can be almost certain that a Rioja is bottled by the producer, and that is important to me.

And, for the price, it’s not bad.

I do see that the widely available one says it’s Tempranillo and there’s a separate bottling of Garnacha. I do wonder if there used to be just one, a typical Rioja Tempranillo/Garnacha blend.

Regarding saving costs on 4 months wood aging, maybe so. But there are a number of producers pushing for a change in quality certification relying solely on ageing, as they want to make fresher style wines and say that they take their wine out of wood when they think it’s reached its optimum, rather than a hardwired number of months to get certification.

I recall drinking white Rioja decades ago that had of necessity - or fashion - been aged too long in wood. White Rioja these days is a different beast.


@Herbster Respect! You are correct Paul, Camp Viejo yellow label did indeed used to be a Crianza.

I’ve just done a Google image search and I can find yellow labels stating Crianza up to 2009 vintage, where they now say Tempranillo.


Ah! I wondered if I was confusing it with another wine.

And I agree, it’s reliable stuff for the price, whatever the oak situation :+1:

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