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Would you Rather ... [21st September]


Would you rather …

  • Spend 3 minutes drinking an indistinct wine ?
    (but in fleeting conversation with a Film Star of your choice)
  • Spend 3 hours enjoying the best wine in the world ?
    (while listening to a lecture on the rules of Scrabble :registered:- there will be a test at the end)

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Haha, film star all the way for me! Three minutes chatting to the likes of Emma Thompson, Ian McKellen or (if I’m being a teeny bit shallow) Eddie Redmayne (:heart_eyes:), and I don’t care what I’m drinking! :smile:

Three hours drinking an amazing wine in uninspiring settings is such a waste of good wine… and is just going to send me to sleep and have me waking up with a headache. (Although, for the record, I totally love Scrabble…)


Nothing shallow about that - I’d love a chance to speak with him too … but is it worth sacrificing a GREAT bottle of wine for?


Sigh…it’s tricky. If it was a bottle of First Growth claret from a legendary vintage that was drinking perfectly now, I have to admit I’d probably choose the wine, just because that experience would be even more awe-inspiring than Eddie Redmayne! :astonished:

But what if the wine (or the film star!) turned out to be distinctly disappointing…? They say never to meet your heroes, maybe you shouldn’t drink your wine heroes either…


Great wine… Scrabble all the way :joy:


Yes, it seems @laura will get Eddie all to herself :wink:


Go for it @laura …!!:joy:


@Leah @robert_mcintosh Really? Wow!

:grinning: :joy: