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Would you ever open a wine bottle with a lighter?


Because apparently this is a thing now:

(As the above link’s preview rather unkindly drums up some tension by asking ‘Will she get hurt?’ let me give a spoiler: she absolutely doesn’t, so don’t worry - this video is very silly but injury free!)


Hmmm. The pressure to blow that cork must be quite considerable, and given that you have just played flames over the neck, I imagine there must be all sorts of new stresses introduced into the glass. It could all easily go wrong.

All in all, I think I shall stick with opening my wine using a shoe.


Extraordinarily silly…and more time consuming than a corkscrew too…


It’s also easier to carry a corkscrew with you than two lighters …



But I would put a bottle of red in the microwave. 30 to 40 secs on max, will raise your winter garage chilled bottle of midweek red to ‘chambre’ temperature - ie: drinkable.

Remember to remove the foil cap !!

Obsv. not for your precious Lafite… but I would be interested to know what TWS bio-chemist members might think - is this acceptable ?


You must have the mother of all microwaves… I can barely fit a bottle in it. :wink:


I’m puzzled. If you think it acceptable then why make an exception for Lafite?


I wouldn’t - microwaves heat in a non-uniform manner so you will have “micro” hot spots

I found a great way of getting my wine to the right temperature…a little bit of planning :wink:


Well - the microwave treatment certainly does an admirable job of warming up a cold bottle by a few degrees. So that is fine. My open question, was what do TWS members think ? will the microwaves break down long chain molecules (or maybe build them up?) changing the wine’s profile ? I’m seeking the opinion of experts!

As to a ‘little bit of planning’ making the MW treatment unneccessary - well yes that is true - but sometimes one simply hasnt planned ahead, or whatever is at room temp isnt actually suited to the meal at hand.


It lies on its side on the turntable - cork still in, foil removed. Important that it can turn because the cork end of the bottle gets warm quickest.